On the Sea of Galilee

July 2013 | In Action

GGonGalileeA couple weeks ago, Amber shared an awesome story about her trip to Israel including some video of her flagging on the Sea of Galilee.  In the story we got to see some pictures of this friend using the MW (medium wing) quills called Revelation from the Throne, but today we get to see video! » more »

MW Quills on the Sea of Galilee

June 2013 | In Action, Scarf Stories

flagsongalileeYou got to see this mom using her MW (medium wing) quills called Revelation from the Throne before she left for Israel, but now you get to see them in use in Israel on the Sea of Galilee – she shares her story below (and video below that) 🙂

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Birthing with her Birthing Silk

August 2012 | Testimonials

This is a short scarf story that was shared with me that I wanted to pass along to you all about a 5mm semicircle Birthing {babies} silk 🙂

A pregnant woman came to me and wanted to order a scarf to have with her during the birth of her daughter.  Immediately, the Father brought to mind the Birthing {babies} silk. I second guessed Him at first because I’d always thought of it as being for people wanting to conceive and she was very much already with child! He reminded me ALL children are miracles from Him and so I obeyed. » more »

God Answering Her Questions

August 2012 | Scarf Stories

Recently, I had someone order a scarf for someone who is Russian and speaks no English. I have a Facebook friend who is Russian – someone I had never met before, but was acquainted with through mutual friends because she is part of our online church family – and so I contacted her and asked if she would translate for me, which she was happy to do. As a thank you, Father instructed me to send her a silk of her own 🙂

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Wrecked by His Love

April 2012 | In Action, Scarf Stories

You’ve seen this beautiful pair of 45″ quill flags before when my sister demo’d them. Now you get to read the wonderful scarf story and see the recipient worship with them herself 🙂

She also shares this story on her blog if you want to visit there too! » more »

Restoration Ministry

March 2012 | In Action (Demos), In Action (Silk Ministry)

In this silk ministry I’m using a pair of Isaiah 54 swing flags. The focus of the intercession is to battle hopelessness, depression, and woundings from the enemy; bringing restoration, healing, hope, joy and to usher in the fulfillment of God’s promises (exactly the focus of the call Father confirmed through this style silk to another woman in the D4Y Community). » more »

Peace & God’s Presence

October 2011 | Anecdotes, How-To, Tidbits

You may not realize this, but I (Meghan) don’t write all the words that come with the silks. The Lord has taught me well this ministry is NOT about me, and so He reminds me by birthing words through Dyed4you intercessors and others the Lord has connected to D4Y. » more »

Fresh Green Pasture with our Shepherd

May 2011 | In Action, Scarf Stories

This is the story of a woman who received a 35×84 Jehovah Rohi silk as a gift from someone at her church (see video of her worshiping with it in a corporate setting).

On March 20, 2011, I headed to church knowing I would be taking care of the little ones for the day. I ended up having only one child to watch, and she was the pastor’s granddaughter. She loves to worship too, so I took her and we went to the sanctuary to worship! » more »

Peace Against Warfare

April 2011 | Scarf Stories

This silk was an interesting one because as it was being birthed a song came forth too! So I recorded it and uploaded a video of it with the camera facing the silk. When we looked at the video, a face was apparent in the silk – it was especially funny because several people who DON’T normally see things in the silk saw it because it was so clear.
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Confirmation & Comfort

December 2010 | Anecdotes, In Action

Beautiful testimony and another scarf story of confirmation. This is pieced together from a couple email interactions:

My scarf was purchased for me by my spiritual mom at church. The name of my scarf is Hungry. It is right on target! I cry out to God and I just ask him for more of his guidance, mercy, love, and compassion! I tell him I never want to feel like I have lost Him! » more »

God’s Brake Pedal

December 2010 | Anecdotes, In Action

Sweet feedback from a first-time scarf buyer 🙂

I just received my scarf a few minutes ago. It so confirms where God is leading me to be under His covering in a season where I’ve been trying to “do” things myself. I praise God for this answer to prayer and great reminder to stay under His wing! » more »

Our 1st Blog Giveaway Scarf Testimony

July 2010 | In Action, Scarf Stories

Though I know the first two scarf giveaways were blessings, this is the first official scarf story from a Dyed4you Blog giveaway scarf, which I must confess is kind of exciting for me 🙂  It went to Amanda E who posted the 222 comment on the blog.

I’d picked the number 222 because 2’s have become a way God speaks to me about authority because of Isaiah 22:22, “And I will place on his shoulder the key of the house of David. He shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open.” » more »

Testimonial Archive

February 2010 | Testimonials

Just to have everything in one place, I wanted to bring over the testimonials – instead of doing a separate entry for each though, I did the archive in one big post 🙂

These (and the ones included on this site) are just a fraction of the ones I hear.  God truly never ceases to amaze me at what He’ll do through a simple piece of silk 🙂

I pray they bless you!

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Shirttails of Jesus

March 2009 | Scarf Stories

In Spring of 2007, the woman (who I sometimes refer to as the “mama” of my ministry since she helped to birth it) ordered a prayer cloth for a friend whose son was serving in the armed forces overseas. They had an expression in their family they sometimes used where they would talk about hanging onto the “shirttails of Jesus”. So she wanted to get her friend a prayer cloth called Shirttails of Jesus. The letter that went with the cloth was: » more »

Fresh Oil

January 2007 | Testimonials

Below is a portion of a three-part story. The three scarves mentioned all have stories – Fresh Oil (this story), Overcomer, and Wind & Fire. The stories are told using a combination of feedback from Faye (the woman who ordered them), feedback from the intercessors they were for, and I (Meghan) have filled in some details as well. » more »