Confirming Mantle

November 2016 | In Action (Demos), Scarf Stories

prophetmantleIt’s always lovely when we receive confirmations. This silk story is about a customer who contacted us about getting a silk to align with a word he’s gotten that he was a prophet. God had given several specifics. So our first confirmation was simply the timing of his request because when he asked, the prophetic team was actually working on a new silk and guess what it was called… you got it, Prophet Mantle! And the specifics he’d been given were already in the word. God is so good!  » more »

Vacation with Jesus

August 2012 | Anecdotes, In Action

A group of friends took a vacation with Jesus to celebrate one of their birthdays.  The birthday girl brought her XL quills (45″) – which were a gift to her earlier this year – and day and night, everywhere they went – they had constant spontaneous worship. At one point they were driving and suddenly “Spirit was so strong in the car…We had to stop for a praise break!!!” » more »

Staking Their City

August 2012 | Anecdotes, In Action

This is a fun story about a prayer journey a group of kids went on equipped with a single M (35″ petite) quill for each of them!  We hear the story shared by one of the parents (and a quick not from her son) and the gift giver (and youth leader).  Lots of pictures to enjoy – you can feel the Father smiling at His children! » more »

Worship Symposium

August 2012 | Anecdotes, In Action (Demos)

Our friend Nickol from Prophetic Worship Banners (who quills our quill flags) went to a Worship Symposium (in Pasadena, CA) last month and brought some Dyed4you quills with her – you can spot several in the group video of the balcony! She said there was a POWERFUL presence of the Lord on the night the video below was shot. » more »

Silk Displays

July 2012 | In Action, Testimonials

It’s fun to see what people do with their silks – even when they aren’t in use! Seeing a 6×24 tied to a purse has become a common use, or around a stuffed animal, or 35×84s hanging on the wall, or even flags hanging on the wall – the ones you see below are swing flags with Hebrew lettering added.

» more »

Kiss from the Father

July 2012 | Scarf Stories

This story is from a mother – former Aglow president – whose son bought her this 14×72 scarf.  This is a beautiful example of how Father likes to minister in those ways that are specific to each of us 🙂 » more »

Holy Coverings

May 2012 | Testimonials

This is a quick testimonial from someone who has gotten several pairs of swing flags (which she also loves – when she used them at church someone came over to ask where she got her “pretty flags”), but in this order also got a beaded veil and a beaded tallit. Here’s what she shared about them after she received them: » more »

Gift from Father & a Word for me

May 2012 | In Action, Testimonials

This is a fun testimony from a woman who got two leaders in her life a beaded ladies tallit as well as herself.  All three were incredibly blessed 🙂

She shares her testimony below as well as a word for me! » more »

Preparing for the Bridegroom Giveaway

January 2012 | In Action, Scarf Stories

It’s always fun for me to hear scarf stories on the scarves that are Dyed4you Blog Giveaways!  I love knowing the Father is NOT random. He knows exactly who it’s going to go to even when we don’t! » more »

Twilight Swing Flags

December 2011 | In Action, In Action (Demos), Scarf Stories

It’s always fun for me when I get to be an integral part of a scarf story, and this pair of swing flags has quite a story and they’ve only been completely birthed for just over 12 hours! » more »

Peace & God’s Presence

October 2011 | Anecdotes, How-To, Tidbits

You may not realize this, but I (Meghan) don’t write all the words that come with the silks. The Lord has taught me well this ministry is NOT about me, and so He reminds me by birthing words through Dyed4you intercessors and others the Lord has connected to D4Y. » more »

Confirmation, Healing & Intimacy

July 2011 | In Action, Testimonials

Testimonies like this are always such a blessing – what a wonderful God we serve!

Now on to the important part of the scarf you sent me and how it was such a confirmation of my life and what God is doing with me. The name of it is “Abiding Worship.” » more »

Perfect Gift for Mom

April 2011 | Testimonials

A sweet testimony about a gift a daughter got for her mom – it was a Dyed4you Art printcard of Wait Upon the Lord, a coordinating 14×72 scarf complete with gift bag, and the Scent of Heaven Wait Upon the Lord oil.

Today my mom unwrapped her anointed scarf!! Since we got it early in the mail – it has been a major temptation for us not to look at it, but we resisted and waited for her to open it today. What a dynamic word for her and for our family as a whole. » more »

Speaking to the Depths of her Being

March 2011 | In Action, Scarf Stories

A beautiful scarf story from our teacher-friend who had the amazing Class of Scarves story last year.  I covet your prayers for my friend as well – I’m sure the Lord will direct them as you read her beautiful story below: » more »

Wait Upon the Lord (Scarf Story x2)

March 2011 | In Action, Scarf Stories

During Amanda E’s visit this past October, I felt the Lord prompt me that He wanted me (Meghan) to get a word.  So I slipped one into the pre-dye planning with no instructions and left it for Amanda to birth. » more »

New to Voi Worshiper

March 2011 | Anecdotes, In Action

You saw me demo Shannon’s voi, and now she’s shared video of herself with them. Let me preface this by saying she had spent no more than an hour with voi ever in her entire life – so that alone is astounding to me. Beautiful to watch someone anointed and gifted to move in worship! » more »

Powerful Spiritual Weapon

February 2011 | Anecdotes, In Action

You may remember my post of the Covenant vision come to life, well this is a story of what happened once the recipient actually had the silk in her hands.  Here she tells her story:

I am the one with the Covenant veil. I am sending you this picture as a personal testimony of using the Covenant veil during our worship service. This image has not been altered by any means. It was taken from my digital camera during our worship service by my husband. It was a special night to me, since it was the first time I used the veil to dance in church with it. » more »

Surprise Pillowcases

January 2011 | In Action, Scarf Stories

I love to get to be part of blessing someone – so when I got an email from Amanda E that she felt God prompted her to get a pair of pillowcases for a mutual friend, I was thrilled! Here’s her initial response:

The pillowcases are beautiful and the word with with them is so spot on and precious to me. I love the anointing oil one heart because it is literally what god has done in my marriage with my husband and it is truly been a miracle and now God is healing my family and bringing us closer than ever. » more »

Holy Ghost Party

December 2010 | In Action, Scarf Stories

Amanda E called me after leaving this holiday party that the Holy Spirit commandeered – I was SO blessed to hear this story and am thrilled she’s taken the time to write it down to share with you all (with the permission of those who were present of course!). God is AMAZING! » more »

Friend(s) of God

September 2010 | Scarf Stories

One of my dear friends, Sheila (who happens to be a prophetic intercessor and one of the future contributors to this blog), came to me and said, “I think Kent needs a scarf.”

Kent Henry has been doing worship for almost as long as I’ve been alive.  He’s led worship on six of Integrity Music’s Hosanna! recordings as well as 22 of his own.  He and his wife Carla are friends of ours, elders at our church, and their daughter happens to be married to our lead pastor 🙂 » more »