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Meghan’s Collection from Other Flag Ministries

My friend Katt from Victory Hill Flags issued a challenge of sorts that we share our collection of flags from other ministries (This reminds me a bit of a couple posts from 2013: Meghan’s Flag Bag and Nickol’s Flag Bag). So I went live to share a portion of my collection with the following disclaimers LOL 🙂 Continue reading

Created Under the Anointing

silkscreatedundertheanointingSeveral years back I did a post called Why it Matters Who Makes Your Flags. The short version is basically that I want to use tools made by those God has anointed to create them, not ones created in the flesh. I shared in that post several other ministries that I felt were anointed to create worship tools including of course our sister ministry Prophetic Worship BannersAndrea York, and Margie Puckett of Unhindered and Unashamed. I wanted to share a couple more since I’ve acquired some new flags. Some are from the ministries I’ve already mentioned, but a couple new ones too. Hope you enjoy!  Continue reading

Joyful Praise Swing Flags & PWB Quills

Kayla-joyfulpraiseA beautiful video of someone you’ve seen before who has been such a blessing to me personally. In this video – which was shot live during a recent church service – we see her first using a pair of regular swing flags called Joyful Praise (you’ve seen this style before – me demoing swing flags, as M quill flags, as an 8×54, and as a pair of voi) and then she uses a vivid pair of XL quill flags from Prophetic Worship Banners. Continue reading

Nickol’s Flag Bag

NickolFlagBagOh my heavens – apparently our friend Nickol at Prophetic Worship Banners packs a LOT more flags in her bag than I do in mine!  In response to my flag bag post where I encouraged others to share what was in their bag, Nickol has opened her bag to us – she has silks obviously from Prophetic Worship Banners as well as Dyed4you and Unhindered & Unashamed. Additionally she has some from Standard of the Lord. You’ll enjoy seeing this phenomenal arsenal! Continue reading

Meghan’s Flag Bag

FlagBagAs promised to my friends on our Facebook page, here is a video where I show you what I have in my portable arsenal – aka my flag bag!  Swing flags in all three sizes, streamers, streamer veils, and quills gallore – most from Dyed4you, but also a couple from sister ministries Prophetic Worship Banners and Unhindered & Unashamed. I’m hoping some of YOU will reciprocate and show us what is in YOUR flag bag too! Continue reading

Under His Wings LW Quill

Larisa-LW-UnderHisWingsIn these videos, you’ll see me using my LW (large wing) quill called Under His Wings (which is one of our popular styles) and my very favorite flag! We’ve seen this style before – Meghan has it in a dowel wing, we’ve seen it as an 8mm semicircle voi,  and it even appeared as one of the demo silks in our Basic Moves for Dancing with Scarves. The videos below were taken during a live service at Passion for Truth (PFT). You will also see some Dyed4you swing flags in the background as well a Prophetic Worship Banner quill and streamers from both ministries 🙂 Continue reading

Lion of Judah XL quills

LionFlagsThis is another set of gorgeous silks that were hand-painted by Margie Puckett of Unhindered and Unashamed.  These are XL quills called Lion of Judah – and they are truly stunning!  Near the end of the video you’ll see me making smiling faces and nods to the people who were mouthing “wow” to me – LOL! Continue reading

Under His Loving Wings L Quills

UnderHisLovingWingsThese gorgeous silks were hand-painted by Margie Puckett of Unhindered and Unashamed.  You’ve heard me talk before about why it matters who makes your flags (and if you missed it I suggest giving it a peek!), let me tell you – Margie is the real deal! I actually got to meet her because, like Dyed4you, Unhindered and Unashamed works with our friend Nickol at Prophetic Worship Banners to have her silks quilled 🙂 Continue reading

Zealous/Kingdom Layered Quills

Kaitlyn-Zealous-KingdomThis video is Nickol’s (our friend from Prophetic Worship Banners) daughter Kaitlyn during worship. She said, “The worship was especially powerful and went on an extra half hour. It was wonderful! Hope you enjoy it! The flags are XL Quills in Purple (Kingdom) and D4Y M Quills in Zealous for God. The Combination makes Zealous for God’s Kingdom!” Continue reading

Provided For L Quills Layered with MR

Loved getting to see this fun video with a pair of Dyed4you L quills called Provided For that Nickol has layered with a pair of white MR quills from Prophetic Worship Banners (as well as the streamers and billow which I presume are also from PWB). So beautiful! Continue reading

FYI: Quill Breakthrough (aka How-To Get Quills Repaired)

Wanted to give you an FYI that with quills sometimes breakthrough happens. The good news is what we’ve learned is when breakthrough happens in the physical realm, it is often a manifestation of it having happened in the spiritual realm (I have a great scarf story I heard recently on a quill breakthrough I’m looking forward to sharing soon)!

Continue reading

Worship Symposium

Our friend Nickol from Prophetic Worship Banners (who quills our quill flags) went to a Worship Symposium (in Pasadena, CA) last month and brought some Dyed4you quills with her – you can spot several in the group video of the balcony! She said there was a POWERFUL presence of the Lord on the night the video below was shot. Continue reading

Women’s Retreat, Roadside & Beach-side

These shots are from a Women’s Retreat in CA that our friend Nickol at Prophetic Worship Banners participated in 🙂

After the retreat, the car broke down, so they decided what better way to spend time on the side of the road than whipping out some Dyed4you quills! Love that you can see the headlights in some shots. Continue reading