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Spirit Breaking Out at Church

Amazing service this morning at church! Total break out of the Spirit. A beautiful time of healing and ministry. Our pastor (John Kramer) started handing out flags to get everyone engaged and things really started flowing. Beautiful! More Dyed4you silk here than I could begin to cover but to name a few: Created for His Glory large bendie flag, Ascend and Consider It Joy 4yd streamers, Prophetic Flow banner flag, Steady Progress XL long quill, the long green dowel flag is one I made about a decade ago (I can’t remember the name), Righteous Warfare XL bendie flags, Passion Fire and Hearing Heart regular spin wings, Enthroned One spin wing (custom size), and more! Continue reading

How-to Make Bendies

This post was originally about all sorts of dowels including our bendies, but we quickly realized no one thought getting flags without a rod in them was as cool or convenient as we did. 🙂

So we started simply including our bendies with all our bendie wings and flags, and using what we call “reinforced” bendies (which are another rod inserted in the hollow center of our bendies to reinforce them). We use the reinforced bendies on our larger heavier weight flags and wings (like our XL flag and large wing). Continue reading

Anointed vs Counterfeit

This is my third post now about  Why it Matters Who Makes Your Flags and why it’s so important to have tools Created Under the Anointing. I want to start by quoting a section of my initial post. 

When the tabernacle was built the Lord says of the men he selected to lead the design/creation that He had “filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills— to make artistic designs” (Ex 31:3-4). 

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35×84 Simple Flag

PassionFire-SimpleFlagTypically, when I do simple flags (which is just a silk with a flag seam added) people usually have me cut a 35×84 in half with two flag seams added (like these). But with this one, I just did one seam on the end which allows it to be used both as a flag and still be worn/danced with as a 35×84. I had the idea to use it on a 48″ dowel instead of 36″ and it made all the difference!

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Testimony & Dance

Jessica won these simple flags (made from a 35×84 with 2 flag seams added) as a Dyed4you Blog Giveaway. What was kind of fun is that she actually received the flags the night she heard the song Garments of Praise for the first time in a long time – it’s the song the Father had her dance to in this video after she shares her testimony.  I think you’ll be blessed by both her story and her worship – enjoy!!! Continue reading

Why it Matters Who Makes Your Flags

I am very particular not just the type of flags I use, but also by whom they are made. Obviously I have a love for the silks the Father births through me, but it occurred to me I might share why it matters who makes the flags you use.

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Next Giveaway Silk

This flag is the next giveaway silk (find out more about our giveaways). It’s a custom sized flag that can be used on a crappie pole or on a 4′ wooden dowel like you see here (although I confess the elastic was a little tough to get on the dowel, but it does fit and trust me, this flag will NOT be flying off – LOL!). Continue reading

Resurrection Celebration

This is a fun story because there’s lots to share! It starts with a dance team in VT (Living Hope Christian Church) ordering 14×72 scarves to use as sashes and special order 8mm 45×108 silks that were divided in half with 2 flag seams added to make a pair. You saw video I made of one pair of the flags before I sent them out.

Even just from seeing my demo video the team gave an awesome response:
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