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Streamer Veils

These beautiful streamer veils are 5mm china silks (which can be removed from the streamer and worn or danced with). The M is a 35×84 size, L is 35×108, and LR is the 5mm 45×104 semicircle. They move similarly to voi but without the danger of a swinging weight and with more control of motion (See a video tutorial about how-to use streamers and streamer veils). They work well in pairs and create a beautiful, full visual feast when in motion!  Continue reading

Healing Flow Restoration Ministry

I think this is like the third or fourth Silk Ministry video we’ve posted using this silk and on this topic. I’d apologize for being repetitive, but I think it’s more about the fact that this is a MUCH needed area of ministry. Hopefully this video of flag ministry will bless you. I’m using a LRSV (large rounded streamer veil) called Healing Flow. You can probably hear me praying (both in english and tongues) so if that’s not your thing – mute it 😉 and I also apologize because my framing of the video is a little off. Continue reading

How-to Use Streamers and Streamer Veils

howtousestreamersandstreamerveilsJust a quick how-to demo video to introduce you to some simple, basic moves for use with streamers and streamer veils. One of the reasons I love streamers and streamer veils is because they are light (especially streamers) and so regardless of strength you can use them for a while without feeling too tired. They also can be used seated and they work wonderfully in a corporate worship environment because they don’t require quite as large a zone to work with. We hope this video inspires you! Happy worshipping 🙂  Continue reading

We Will Overcome L Streamer Veil

OvercomeA beautiful large streamer veil called We Will Overcome. You’ve seen this silk before in the Releasing All flag ministry video I posted almost a month ago. The streamer veils are light and move so beautifully!  They’re also great because they can be removed from the streamer rod and worn or danced with as a silk too 🙂 Continue reading

Meghan’s Flag Bag

FlagBagAs promised to my friends on our Facebook page, here is a video where I show you what I have in my portable arsenal – aka my flag bag!  Swing flags in all three sizes, streamers, streamer veils, and quills gallore – most from Dyed4you, but also a couple from sister ministries Prophetic Worship Banners and Unhindered & Unashamed. I’m hoping some of YOU will reciprocate and show us what is in YOUR flag bag too! Continue reading

Releasing All Flag Ministry

ReleasingMinistryIt’s been a while since I did some flag ministry for the blog. In keeping with the theme of the Dyed4you Art image that was released yesterday called Releasing All, I decided to do flag ministry along the same theme.  The song is called I Breathe You in, God and Kim Walker Smith is singing. The lyrics of the song are: Continue reading

YHVH Nissi LR Streamer Veil

LRstreamerveil-YHVHNissiIn honor of our new product, here we have LR (large round) streamer veils called YHVH Nissi (the Lord my Banner) – both in a single and in a pair. These look so beautiful in motion – and as you can see, even if the length gets caught on your arm while you adjust to working with its length – it is easy enough to get off again gracefully! Continue reading

Introducing Streamer Veils

IntroStreamerVeilsThanks to the genius of our friends at Prophetic Worship Banners, we’re introducing a new product that we are completely in love with – Streamer Veils! These gorgeous worship tools come in three sizes: M, L, and LR (large round). They also can be used in pairs (though you have to be coordinated to use either the L or LR in pairs!). These are a new fav 🙂 Continue reading