Re-Weighted LSF (Large Swing Flags)

October 2016 | Tidbits

Just wanted to give you all a quick heads up, we’ve redesigned our Large Swing Flags (LSF) a bit making them a tad lighter and redistributing the weights so they’re in two rows rather than three (which makes them feel less bulky). We think they flow better and hope you will too! Didn’t want any of you who have gotten a LSF before to be surprised by the change 🙂 Happy worshipping!  » more »

Come away with Me swing flags

October 2015 | In Action (Demos)

ComeAwaywithMeI thought since we had a Come away with me theme here, those beautiful swing flags would fit right in. This beautiful style can be dyed on our scarves and of course as quill flags or streamers or even our streamer veils. I keep thinking about Jean and Viola’s beautiful testimony how the Father wanted them to just Come away with him. Nothing is more amazing then letting ourselves be swept away by Him!!! Shut out the daily circumstances for a moment and just soak in His presence… It somehow renews us, inside and out, by years seems like 🙂  » more »

Beautiful Testimony – Passion Fire Flags

July 2015 | Testimonials

I’ve been meaning to share this beautiful testimony some time ago but then again there are so many that we have … This one is about a beautiful pair of Regular swing flags called Passion Fire. So often it happens that people receive their silk or quill flags or streamer and at first it doesn’t make sense until Abba is starting to reveal himself in His splendor 🙂 » more »

Ablaze with Glory Swing Flags

July 2014 | In Action

This is one of our popular styles and every time we recreate it, it comes out unique and gorgeous every single time! Pretty sure it’s only because Holy Spirit is dyeing it… We’ve made this amazing style not only on Swing Flags but also as Quill Flags, Scarves, Streamers and Voi Flags. Besides it’s always super sweet watching Meghan flag like only she can 😉 » more »

Poured Out Large swing flags

May 2014 | In Action

You get to see once again how beautiful Meghan worships with a Large pair of swing flags in the Poured Out style. We have some popular styles  and trying to keep most of our other styles updated. I haven’t found any quill flags, veils or streamers that were dyed in this style in our data base so I’m thinking it’s definitely time to change that 🙂 » more »

Restoration Large Swing Flags

April 2014 | In Action (Demos)

RestorationLgSwingThis is a pair of large swing flags called Restoration, which is one of our popular styles. In the years of making this style I don’t think I’d ever done it on a flag and so I really enjoyed getting to see these and LOVED how they turned out!

» more »

Crown of Glory Swing Flags

March 2014 | In Action

CalebPolingThese are a beautiful pair of regular-sized swing flags called Crown of Glory. You’ve seen them before when Larisa made a demo video with them (see that here). Always love getting to see silks with their recipients! And praise God for a man worshiping with flags – can I get an amen? If I remember this young man was inspired by our friend Caleb – just shows how much impact we can have when we step out in obedience. » more »

You are my Hallelujah swing flags

February 2014 | In Action

Michele-YouaremyHallelujahThese are a pair of regular swing flags called You are my Hallelujah. You’ve seen swing flags in this style in action before – they’re some beauties! This worshiper shared several videos with us so you’ll be seeing a few more 😉

» more »

Righteous Warfare L Swing Flags

February 2014 | In Action (Demos), Testimonials

RighteousWarfareLSwingFlagsThis is a large pair of swing flags called Righteous Warfare. You’ve seen this style before, but the pattern in these was unique so we wanted to share them again along with the testimony that just arrived from the recipient! » more »

Ruffled, Rounded Swing Flag

February 2014 | In Action (Demos)

RuffledSwingLove this newest Dyed4you inspiration! This is a ruffled, rounded swing flag (this particular one is dyed in the Glory style). This is a special order item at present. It basically is a rounded swing flag with insets sewn in to give a beautiful ruffle that adds a flutter in motion. Love this! » more »

Child with a Swing Flag

January 2014 | In Action

ComeAwaywithMe-childThis is too cute not to share this video of a child with a regular sized swing flag. I believe this one is Come Away with Me, and if I’m correct you’ve seen demos of this one before (like this one). One of the reasons I love swing flags is because they don’t have a rod in them, a child like this can grab it and worship to her heart’s content without the parent having to be concerned about injury to her child or anyone else! » more »

Joyful Praise Swing Flags & PWB Quills

January 2014 | In Action, In Action (Other's Flags)

Kayla-joyfulpraiseA beautiful video of someone you’ve seen before who has been such a blessing to me personally. In this video – which was shot live during a recent church service – we see her first using a pair of regular swing flags called Joyful Praise (you’ve seen this style before – me demoing swing flags, as M quill flags, as an 8×54, and as a pair of voi) and then she uses a vivid pair of XL quill flags from Prophetic Worship Banners. » more »

River of Heaven Swing Flags

January 2014 | In Action (Demos)

RiverofLife-swingflagsHere you can see Meghan worshiping with a pair of regular size swing flags. Most likely you have seen this style as a streamer during our church worship. I have seen it in quills as well as a pair of voi but for some reason these flags look the most stunning the way she uses them 🙂

» more »

Crown of Glory swing flags

December 2013 | In Action (Demos)

CrownOfGloryA beautiful pair of regular swing flags called Crown of Glory. We’ve actually seen this style done before in a post called Change Your Atmosphere. The pattern is a little bit different than the last time we made these, but I love the way these silks look when they move! The music is Misty Edwards live from IHOP-KC. » more »

Nickol’s Flag Bag

December 2013 | In Action, In Action (Other's Flags)

NickolFlagBagOh my heavens – apparently our friend Nickol at Prophetic Worship Banners packs a LOT more flags in her bag than I do in mine!  In response to my flag bag post where I encouraged others to share what was in their bag, Nickol has opened her bag to us – she has silks obviously from Prophetic Worship Banners as well as Dyed4you and Unhindered & Unashamed. Additionally she has some from Standard of the Lord. You’ll enjoy seeing this phenomenal arsenal! » more »

Meghan’s Flag Bag

December 2013 | Tidbits

FlagBagAs promised to my friends on our Facebook page, here is a video where I show you what I have in my portable arsenal – aka my flag bag!  Swing flags in all three sizes, streamers, streamer veils, and quills gallore – most from Dyed4you, but also a couple from sister ministries Prophetic Worship Banners and Unhindered & Unashamed. I’m hoping some of YOU will reciprocate and show us what is in YOUR flag bag too! » more »

Releasing All Flag Ministry

December 2013 | In Action (Other's Flags), In Action (Silk Ministry)

ReleasingMinistryIt’s been a while since I did some flag ministry for the blog. In keeping with the theme of the Dyed4you Art image that was released yesterday called Releasing All, I decided to do flag ministry along the same theme.  The song is called I Breathe You in, God and Kim Walker Smith is singing. The lyrics of the song are: » more »

Come Away with Me L Swing Flags

December 2013 | In Action (Demos)

ComeAwaywithMeLswingHere you will get to enjoy Meghan demo a beautiful pair of L Swing flags called Come away with me. Some time ago you might have seen a different pattern of Come away with me swing flags. Either one of them are amazing to watch in motion 🙂 » more »

Transformed round swing flags

November 2013 | In Action

TransformedRoundSwingHERE THEY ARE!!! We decided to create round swing flags and they came out simply amazing! This style is called Transformed and you probably have seen it in XLR quills before. Here you will see Meghan worship with them at our church Passion for Truth and they have a feel and look of wings 🙂 » more »

Every captive free L swing flags

November 2013 | In Action (Demos)

EveryCaptiveFreeLswingIn this video you see Meghan with a beautiful pair of L swing flags called Every captive free. I’ve been trying to find different silks dyed this style in our archives but all I found was a video from our last Sukkot (Feast of tabernacles) in 2012 during flag class. It’s with a pair of regular size swing flags used by Matt, who is also part of our PFT family. » more »