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In late October, I created a prayer cloth called Goodness – it was purple and green and had a “ripe-ness” too it – representing the goodness of the land. I posted it on the website as it waited for it’s home.

On November 1st, a friend from church purchased it for a mutual friend of ours. I anointed it and prayed over it and sent it off to our friend. Unbeknownst to us, our friend had been praying over a missions opportunity that she’d been presented with by a woman she’d met while at a missions training school. She went on a three-day prayer fast to seek God’s face over where He wanted her to be; she wanted to be very sure she was moving in step with His will – particularly since the opportunity was in a rather dangerous region.

As she prayed, she was reminded of a piece of cloth she and the woman had – in a prophetic act – cut in two. The cloth was green and purple with a design in the middle that looked like an arrow once it was cut in half. As she looked at her half, she wondered if God might actually use a piece of cloth to communicate to her His desires. A little later, she went to the mailbox and found Goodness – a green and purple cloth that was whole!

In addition, part of what the Lord had shared with her was His desire to use her to release the plenty into this land… to release the goodness.

View the 11×11 prayer cloth on Dyed4you

6 thoughts on “Goodness

  1. WOW! I am so blown away everytime I read/hear such testimonies! I can’t get over how our Father uses us as his instruments to communicate to his children. Bring it on Papa!

  2. Love to see an hear how in works in others lives!

  3. Remember that vision I had told you about awhile back…the “living” scarf with green on one side, purple on the other and a shimmery flowing river in the middle?? THIS is what it looked like except this one doesn’t have the shimmery river in the middle. Hmm…..Interesting!!!

  4. Wow! God is so awesome!

  5. I am continuously humbled by how small and ignorant I am in the face of God… How amazing He is to orchestrate all of these things! And how blessed are you meghan that you are so obedient!

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