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How-to Make a Streamer Rod

Below is a how-to for creating a simple streamer rod.  If you prefer (or if you have trouble with the wooden ones breaking), you can buy fiberglass ones online (or on Amazon -it’s eligible for supersaver shipping).

We offer streamers in both the 3yd and 4yd size, but you can also special order another size if you need something specific. Please note, if you order a streamer from us, it will come with the ring already in the pocket seam at the top of the silk.

Step 1: Saw 36″ 1/4″ dowel in half and sand until comfortably smooth
Step 2: Push a push pin in the center of one end of the dowel
Step 3: Carefully screw hook eye into hole created by push pin
Step 4: Select a key ring that matches the snap swivel you’ve selected (the small loop on the end of the snap swivel should fit around the keyring and have room to slide)
Step 5: Attach the snap swivel to the keyring by sliding the small loop onto the ring
Step 6: Next, put the keyring carefully onto the scarf by feeding the pocket through gently
Step 7: Go gently – you don’t want to tear the fabric!
Step 8: The scarf should fit loosely around the ring once completely fed through. Then, open the other end of the snap swivel
Step 9: Attach the snap swivel to the hook eye on the end of the stick
Step 10: That’s it! Repeat for your second scarf and worship the Lord with abandon!

7 thoughts on “How-to Make a Streamer Rod

  1. Oh yaaaaayy!!!! I found out to do the streamer!! I wondered how I missed this entry and then realized it was in 2007. I don’t feel so bad now, lol. I bookmarked. Thanks for taking the time to blog this in such detail and with pictures. Super helpful!

  2. My best friend had me sew a seam i one of her scarfs to make a streamer and it was so EASY to make, she loved it too 🙂

  3. […] a streamer seam added.  I’m using the fiberglass rod available on Amazon (I prefer it to the wooden ones because there’s some flexibility to it and it doesn’t […]

  4. What sizes do you recommend for snap closure and screw eyes?

    1. I think the snap closure was a 6…? It was medium/smallish (the big ones are harder to open and shut but otherwise it really makes no difference. And on the screw eye, it’s like 1/4″ in diameter? Maybe a little bigger? Hope that helps!

  5. Thank you for being so willing to give to the Body by teaching them how to make worship instruments!

  6. Wow this truly amazing your willingness to teach not many people want to teach they just want to sell… Thank you from the bottom of my heart … May the Lord Jesus continue to bless you in all you do 💜🔥

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