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Testimonial Archive

Just to have everything in one place, I wanted to bring over the testimonials – instead of doing a separate entry for each though, I did the archive in one big post 🙂

These (and the ones included on this site) are just a fraction of the ones I hear.  God truly never ceases to amaze me at what He’ll do through a simple piece of silk 🙂

I pray they bless you!

Conquering WarriorMeghan, my scarves just got here. The written word has blessed me, so much. I really feel the PRESENCE of THE LORD, my crying, is for the honor of my life and your presence in my LIFE. GOD BLESS YOU in YOUR WORK FOR HIM!!!! I KNEW God would show you what COLORS to BLESS ME with.
Tender Heart
Terry (February-10)
Open  Gates
I kid you not…I felt a bit tipsy after wrapping that scarf around me!! The anointing on these is stronger than even the last ones!! WOW!! My friend stopped by and got to open hers and LOVED it!!! Can’t wait for my other friend to see hers!!
Karla (December-09)
Four  different Popular Style ScarvesThank you sooo much for the beautiful scarves! I know my family members will love them. I wanted to tell you that we have been in an ice storm where we have not had electricity or heat or light for Christmas and through even tonight. So when we got your package, we opened it by candlelight and flashlight all bundled up in our sweaters and coats and sleeping bags. We marveled at the beauty of the scarves, and then I opened your box with your exquisite prophetic art pictures.As I read the back of each of them and showed them to my husband, we began to feel the sweet presence of the Lord. We put the cards away, put on harp and bowl worship music from International House of Prayer on my husband’s ipod (it has 30 hours of battery) and worshiped the Lord. It was so wonderful to experience His presence even in our cold dark room where He made it a place of sweet intimacy with Him!

His anointing is upon your prophetic artwork and I know it will bless many people who purchase it. I plan to get some of the scarves you used in your artwork to dance with in the future. I also plan to get 3 more scarves for the women on my husband’s side of the family…

Covered By His FeathersOne time in the past when I danced before the Lord with the scarf you gave me – Covered by His Feathers – my husband came into the room and noticed a fragrance in the room. I didn’t notice it first until he wafted it in front of my nose and then we realized it was the Lord who had released His fragrance of honey and honeysuckle and we were smelling it with our spiritual sense of smell! We were so excited!

…May you have a blessed New Year in Him with your family!

April (December-09)
Heart of MercyRiver of GraceWow! Praise God! I received the two scarves and they are beautiful. I thank God for his direction through you and your obedience to His direction… I’m honored to have these scarves as a part of beginning my ministry and look forward to working with you often in the future… may God continue to expand your territory during this new year. Thank you again.
Doug (December-09)
New Thing Bursting Forth

Got the scarf yesterday, it is absolutely breath taking! Can’t wait to wear it. Thank you.

Shawn (December-09)
Heart of FleshComfort
Meghan, they are absolutely perfect and beautiful 🙂
One’s for my daughter and one is for my niece. I know they will just love them. THANK YOU!!!
Becca (December-09)
Peace like a RiverThank you so much for the beautiful, beautiful scarf. I recognize Who made it and am humbled to be the recipient. Words cannot express what my heart feels. But, I must thank you and ask that the Spirit of God minister to you as you have done by your generous gift. I am deeply touched, blessed and overwhelmed.
Gift Recipient as shared from the Gift Giver (December-09)
Promises AssuredI just got my scarf and it is beautiful! I love the colors and the meanings and I love that I was drawn to that scarf from the beginning…like He was telling me that is what it was going to be!! And I love that HE just wants me to remember that HIS promises to me are assured!! Thank you so much…I am going to meditate on those scriptures and LISTEN! Oh…and i love the smell!!
Jennifer (December-09)
Healing FlowI got the two scarves about a couple of days after you said they were mailed. Everything from the scriptures and colors to the meanings are very appropriate for me. …I wanted a scarf I could wear in my hair and a bigger one that I could wear and dance with. I love them! Thank you Meghan for your obedience to God in this ministry.(More feedback from a month later) I’m definitely a fan! I have two of your scarves, but the bigger one I LOVE to dance with. It’s like dancing with Jesus. I dance in a way I never thought of in a flowy and fancyfree way. I feel completely free after a dance. No wonder it’s called Healing Flow. 🙂
Laurice (December-09)
Whispers from GodI did receive the scarves on Nov 9th and was awestruck at the beauty of each one I cried as I read your letter… I can’t speak for my sister but every thing was perfect the way you made my scarf and I ordered the anointing oil that was used… I will talk about my scarf and what it means to me to everyone I meet. Bless you and all you do.
Debbie (November-09)
Man of GodWhispers from GodI LOVE the scarves, they’re perfect! Mine just happens to be my fav colors too, so that makes it even better. I was really touched, cause the Scripture and meaning was really what I needed right now 🙂 and I know he will grow into his, I handed it to him… and he started waving it around all over the place, I’ll have to get snap some pics and get them to you!
Heather (November-09)
Cleft of the RockThe first scarf that I picked up of the large ones was Cleft of the Rock, I read the letter and now right then that it was the one that God had for me. The verse that went with the scarf was Psalms 32:7. I told her that Chapter had been on my heart for some time. I read the chapter out of my new Message Bible and then my NLT. The ladies at our church had picked up some very nice handkerchief’s to hand out as prayer cloths. We all took one and prayed over it and took a verse from the Bible. The verse that the Lord showed me was Psalms 32:7. I have it underlined in my Bible, the cloth is still in my Bible (right by Psalms 32:7) with the verse typed out on a piece of paper. The Lord amazes me ever day. I had to call her right away and tell her what the Lord had done. Bursting Forth with JoyMy granddaughter, LOVES her scarf. She is 5 years old, and loves the Lord very much. I read her the letter and told her that she can wear the scarf, use it when worshiping the Lord or just lay with it and feel God next to her. Well she loves to rub it on her face, she said that she feels God, she told us that it feels like Gods feather hand, AWESOME!! The name of her scarf is Bursting forth with JOY!! My friend read that and said, “that’s your granddaughter.”

Thank you so much Meghan, may God shower you with blessings

Tami (October-09)
Cleft of the RockOh, Meghan!!! You and Holy Spirit NAILED it!!! You cannot even imagine how blessed I was to receive a scarf named “Cleft of the Rock”, after the Lord, Himself told me He had hidden me in the cleft of a rock for such a time as this!! The one for my “Mama” MUST be perfect for her!! You and Holy Spirit ROCK as a team!!! I am so incredibly blessed and thankful to know you and to be able to partake of the awesome gift that is upon your life!!
Karla (September-09)
Precious Beyond Words
Just wanted to let you know that she got her scarf today and it was SO RIGHT ON! She loves it, and she was really excited to get a whole bottle of the oil just for her, for her birthday!
Thank you so much!
Heather (July-09)
Greater Degree
My friend isn’t going to believe I didn’t tell you anything when I give it to her. Purple is her favorite color!
Laura (June-09)
Beautiful HumilityI just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the beautiful scarf you made! I feel the name of the scarf and the Scripture verses are a direct message from God to a situation that I am facing. … For the next few weeks, I will keep reading over the verses that you included because I absolutely know they are the Word of the Lord for me right now.What an incredible ministry you have! God is truly working through you! I pray that God will continue to bless the work of your hands!
Lisa (June-09)
Availeth MuchI’m actually writing to thank you for my birthday gift. My sister had you make a scarf for me. Everything about it was SO RIGHT ON! I just received it today and was thrilled. Thanks for being open to the Holy Spirit…it was such a SPECIAL gift to receive. Just wanted to let you know…Keep it up!! Anything that God is in is an awesome thing. I can’t wait to wear it to church 🙂
Julie (May-09)
Firm FoundationI just returned home after an absence of 3 weeks… I was overjoyed to receive the scarf, which as you know, i was like a little child waiting for a gift to arrive with anticipation. Your prophesying was on target and the Heaven scent was the same scent that awoke me 5 years years ago at 3 am… your oil smelled the same. I can hardly wait to use the scarf and Warrior Bride in prayer and worship. Thank you!
Barra (Mar-09)
Wind & Fire
I love it. It is perfect.
It goes with prophesies I have received.
Lisa (Oct-08)
Promise AssuredI received the scarf on Thursday. It is so beautiful and again exactly what the Lord has been speaking to me! Going through a difficult time… the Lord has given me peace (sage color) through it all. He has been continually reminding me of His promises (dusty rose) and of how great His love is for me. He said to me that I am warrior. (Mahogany color) And… When I was ordering the scarf I was considering asking you to make the scarf with a border around it but then decided I should just leave it to the Lord\’s direction. How awesome is the Lord that He knows and gives us the desires of our hearts! I can’t thank you enough Meghan… God bless you greatly!
DonnaLee (Jun-08)
Beloved of the Lord

I was so blessed by the scarf you made for me at the Lord’s direction. It blew me away!

Barbara (Aug-08)
By  His StripesYour beautiful anointed flag has been such a tremendous blessing, I can’t thank you enough. I took it to a prophetic conference that Holy Smoke participated in and I worshiped hidden in His wounds. I can’t verbalize the tender intimate glory I experienced. Many there were taken to a new level in their own freedom of expression. Your Blood spattered scarf is my absolute favorite to adore Him with. From the way He led you to create it, to your gracious gift, to the gratitude that wells up whenever I even see it, for the precious Blood of the Lamb slain for me/us and for His sweet sensitive servant that gave out of her own need. Your extravagant giving has so moved me (and Jesus) that I want to be like that in other’s lives too.

Thank you forever. Your sweet fruit is born so that it will remain – a testimony of His grace and goodness always.

Debbie (Jul-08)
We all love the beautiful scarves that you made for us! You are truly blessed with a wonderful gift and loving heart!! Continue celebrating your mission and bringing such joy to all!!! Bless your soul! Many, many thanks and best wishes for the new year!
Tina (Jan-08)
Covered By His FeathersI just wanted you to know the scarf you made and blessed for me is absolutely beautiful! I find the scripture so comforting, I had never read it before. How awesome is our God to leave us with such words, words for anything we are going through. Because God has blessed you, you’re a blessing to others!
Christina (Jan-08)
As you were sharing the information on the scarves, the scarf named “True Wisdom” resonated so sweetly in my spirit. Since then, that has been confirmed to me twice, once through my husband and once during worship at church. During worship, He showed me the words “True Wisdom” written on my right hand and then He showed me “True Wisdom” written on His right hand, in the same place. As you know, the scripture that He gave you for the scarf was James 3:13-18 – worldly wisdom vs. Godly wisdom. Also, the right hand signifies strength. The source of our strength is not in ourselves, but in Him. And only by His “True Wisdom“, can we live, love, pursue, desire, create, impact, achieve, rest, or even be.

There is so much we don’t know about our Awesome One, but “True Wisdom” is the best starting place. As He says in Job 28:28, “But to man He said, (To) Behold, the reverential and worshipful fear of the Lord–that is Wisdom…” AMP …thank you, and may you be overcome with His blessings for your life.

Dawn (Dec-07)
Sister Meghan, The scarf and the scarfs name…absolutely lovely! The words are exactly the words I needed for me. I need healing and purification in my life, land, and relationships.This does bless me Meghan! Bless you!!!
Tina (Oct-07)
I just received your scarf, “Declaring The Word of The Lord” today, and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! Your color selections, patterns, and prophetic word is “Spot On” for what I was wanting! I can’t wait to send you some pictures with my prayer/worship scarf in action.
Leslie (Apr-07)
I loved my little prayer cloth…You must tell Meghan that green is my favorite color and I have been praying for God to use me in healing… she called the cloth Healing Explosion… well my son a few years back had a vision of me preaching.. I was standing next to a volcano and as I was preaching, the volcano was exploding… I also used to have a saying ” I want to be an explosion for Jesus because explosions cause fires”
Christine (May-07)
Sparkling DewI just had to thank you again for the absolutely beautiful scarf and fragrant oil you gave me tonight. What a mighty and glorious gifting to have, by which the Lord is glorified and His people are blessed and strengthened! …In prayer, I have been asking God for refreshing and strengthening to my spirit that I might stand strong and persevere. I believe that this is His answer! The scarf prophetically speaks of Sparkling Dew…dew that moistens and refreshes that which is parched and dry by the harshness of life. The dew of the Spirit of the Lord that brings forth life from death, His holy anointing.
I am humbled as I receive this stunning gift of art and beauty with great joy, thankfulness and love. Thank you Meghan. The rich blessing and presence of the Lord God Almighty fill you to overflowing….in Jesus’ awesome name!
Cheri (Apr-07)
My scarf came today. I have been waiting in anticipation. I was so excited when it arrived! I can’t wait to take it to the gathering tomorrow night. I read your letter that came with it. I started to cry. Thank you sooo much for all that you put into this ministry. …I really appreciate that you do that, because it is so much more than just receiving a scarf. You truly are sensitive to the Lord! About two weeks ago I received a prophetic word very similar to what you wrote in the letter regarding my relationship with the Lord.
Sue (Mar-07)
I want you to know that I received my scarf yesterday. I absolutely LOVE everything about it. From the size, color and smell from the anointing oil, to the message! … I already have a friend that is so interested in finding out how the Lord will bless her with one in message from Him. I am not so good with words, but I want to stress to you that- I LOVE MY SCARF! God Bless you for your anointed gift!!! I am glad you came into my life to share in this joy!
Tina (Jul-07)
My friend took the scarf and asked what it was and I told her that it was a scarf. That I told you who I wanted scarves for and to let God direct you. Since she does not believe in prophecy, speaking in tongues, the move of the Holy Spirit, I was uneasy about whether she would be open. …She started crying and had difficulty stopping. …I know it touched her and was received…
Kristin (Jul-07)
Just a little note with a BIG, BIG thank you for my beautiful scarf ‘Favor of the King‘. It is filled with His anointing and, along with His word, came in His perfect timing! …I thank you, thank you, thank you for your precious anointing poured out upon His beloved Bride.
Annette (Jan-07)

3 thoughts on “Testimonial Archive

  1. April (Dec ’09): This testimony is amazing!! What a wonderful way to open up the packages with the scarves and letters, and to have that time of intimate worship with the Lord. And I am SO EXCITED about the fragrance of honeysuckle in the room after she danced with her scarf! Wow! Talk about ushering in the presence of God into a room. Isn’t it so cool that her humble & contrite heart before the Lord and love for Him not only blessed and ministered to her, it lingered and blessed & ministered to her husband!!! LOVE it! God is just so cool like that!

    Doug (Dec ’09) I absolutely love the depth of color & pattern in these two! So rich, unique. It’s like there’s a mystery to be unlocked with them…one looks like the key (mostly blue with red in the middle), the other the door & keyhole (mostly red). Beautiful!

    Jennifer (Dec ’09) This is a wonderful example of why I love reading the testimonies. God using this beautiful scarf to confirm & reassure her of His promises to her, and to draw her even closer into Him to hear His heart beat and fellowship more intimately. Lord bless her double for choosing to listen for You!

    Laurice (Dec ’09) Dance girl, dance!!! I know how she feels. There’s just something about dancing with one of these scarves. It’s like it releases you to a new level of worship.

    Tami (Oct ’09) It blesses me SO MUCH when I see children being raised in the way they should go and to hear their love for the Lord!! How wonderfully sweet to know that this 5 year old child has such a fullness of joy in her for Him and her scarf was CALLED that! And for her to feel Him through it too!! :*-) God’s love for children is so special 🙂

    Barra (Mar ’09) Ahhh!!! I love the prophetic flow in this one! God is all about details! There’s just something about those 3am wake up calls from the Lord. To wake up smelling His fragrance and then He chooses to use the EXACT same one in her scarf (and you didn’t even know it!)….THIS makes me wanna get up and dance dance dance!! Jesus is just amazing!

    Debbie (Jul ’08) This is a beautiful, humbling testimony. I love her choice in words because it’s so descriptive of how God used this wonderful worship flag. Another example of why I love reading the stories of how God chooses to use them for His glory and breakthrough for His people. I daily plead the blood of Jesus over me, my family, etc. and she writes of this as “blood spattered”…I can just envision this waving over everyone as the blood of Jesus washes over them…forgiveness, protection, salvation, healing…it’s all in the blood poured out from our beautiful Savior! Worthy is the Lamb!

    Tina (Jan ’08) LOVE the picture!!! It shows each unique woman who was fashioned by her Creator adorned with the scarf He carefully crafted and designed for each one of them. Each woman and scarf with a specific purpose, giftings, and unique passion for Him. Beautiful!

    Dawn (Dec ’07) This is one of my absolute favorite scarfs God designed!! This scarf seems so specific in the pattern & coloring with the outline of a cross in the middle. This one makes me selah & just want to meditate on Him. Her testimony is so moving.

    Leslie (Apr ’07) I’d love to know more about this scarf. God gave me a specific word for a woman I go to church with and part of it was that she shall be God’s mouthpiece and declare the Word of the Lord. She’s called to leadership and has a powerful testimony. This scarf is beautiful with the blues and purple mixed together. I love this one!

    Cheri (Apr ’07) LOVE the bright color!!! Her testimony leaves me speechless. God’s masterful way of confirming to her with this stunning scarf is awesome.

  2. Another post I’d not seen yet! Truly beautiful scarves and equally beautiful stories.

  3. Your gift meant so very much to me, and the accompanying word was a blessing. My family was under an intense attack from the enemy, and we were almost destroyed, but God rose up as a victorious warrior in the situation and He prevailed by tearing down what the enemy meant to destroy us. It was a devastating and painful trial, and I know God used you to pray for us, as that is significant in bringing a situation before God so that HIs hand will move in it, as in prayer a situation is lifted up to Him and then HE gets the glory when His power is manifested. I am ever so grateful to GOD for protecting us, and you for the beautiful scarf when there seemed to be no hope.

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