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His Banner is Love

I posted a picture on Facebook that I planned to use for a future Dyed4you Art image and Amanda had loved the scarf in it.  So I had to smile to myself when she ordered and God showed me that same scarf to create for her. Just to be sure she wouldn’t feel disappointed, I checked with her ahead of time to confirm that making this scarf bore witness with her, and it did.  After she received the scarf she contacted me through Facebook to share her story:

Meghan, I knew that I was receiving “Love Song” and the name alone is significant to this season of my life, but the letter and the name of the anointing oil almost made me cry they’re so specific and perfect to what God is leading me through right now. I’ll try to make this long story short.

From October until New Years Eve, the Lord took me through Isaiah 6:1-7 and I went through some intense correcting, He “cleaned” out my mouth (and my heart), increased prayer & amount of dreams/visions (even seeing angels), and He started searing into my heart who I am in Christ. The Sunday after Christmas, the Lord confirmed the calling on my life in a beautiful prophetic way.

He instructed me to do a 40 day fast starting January 1st. So I did and during that time I also did Beth Moore’s “Breaking Free” with my bible study group. After some intense heart cleaning, the Lord started taking me through verse by verse in Song of Songs the last 4-5 weeks. He’s been wooing me and drawing me closer into a more intimate relationship with Him.

My bible study group just started a new study; Angela Thomas’s “Do You Think I’m Beautiful?”. The theme of it is most women view themselves as the wallflower at the dance…no one thinking their beautiful or worth dancing with. But God, Abba Father, is captivated with our beauty and is asking us to come and dance the dance of our life with Him!!

SOOOOO….when I got the scarf and read the meaning of the colors, the scripture from Zephaniah 3:17 and the reference to His banner over me is love…AND it was anointed with “Come Dance With Me“….Meghan, I was leaping around my bedroom and twirling around saying “Yes Daddy I want to! I want to dance with You!”.

It’s just so, so perfect and divine timing! I can’t wait to see how the Lord will choose to minister with this scarf! I plan on wearing it in my hair, to dance with in praise and worship, around my neck, and to pray over others with.

Thank you so much Meghan for your heart and passion for this ministry! God has used you in such a special way to continue ministering to me His lavish, unfailing love and to ask me to keep dancing the dance of my life with Him! I’ll keep you posted on future testimonies!

When I confirmed that I could share her story, she sent along this additional part of the story:

Well the one thing I left out which I forgot to mention is the picture that you took with “Love Song”. I had a vision about it I think during a time of praise & worship a few weeks before you posted it.

During a Sunday evening service I got immersed in His presence and I just started dancing all over the front of the church. I saw myself in a beautiful ballroom with a throne. The floor was gold and everything around me glistened with jewels and purple linens hung around the room.

I remember twirling around in the middle of this room and this shimmer started falling all around me and it was swirling. I got caught up in it and it started turning into colors…light pink then deeper pinks then red. I felt this swirling shimmer cover me like a soft blanket and I could feel the Lord drawing me in close to Him. It was AWESOME!

Before I left church that night, a woman who is a trusted & respected prophet came over to me and laid her hand on me and said “your dance is anointed. It will draw others into a deeper worship with the Lord and there will be a release. Keep dancing for Him!”.

So when I saw that picture with the scarf, which was a day or so after I read Song of Songs verse His banner over me is love…well, it just took my breathe away and left me speechless! I felt so connected to it. I don’t know if any of this means anything to you, but the picture and scarf mean so much to me!!

View the 11×60 scarf on Dyed4you

7 thoughts on “His Banner is Love

  1. i love it when a scarf and letter turn out to be confirmations for people! its such an encouragement!

  2. Wow I had forgot about this! Glad it’s written down and blogged! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. It brings back things to my memory how the Lord wooed me into dancing with Him. Oh how I love Him. It encourages me to hear others journey into His arms and His feet leading ours. <3

  4. beautiful

  5. Awesome God!

  6. What a wonderful story.

  7. Beautiful story of our Father’s love.

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