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Multi-Use Wing

A gift from God to me – a “Healing Flow” wing (semicircle with a wing seam added).  I can dance with it alone, use it with a stick as a wing, and I can also use it as voi (veiled poi)! Oh – and I can (and do) wear it!  In this video, I show a couple of uses. This is the 5mm weight semicircle — I just love the way this weight moves!

The music is from the live worship album Speak to the Dreams, which contains original and spontaneous songs from my church (it’s my pastor, Jim Stern, singing the lead).  I highly recommend it, but I may be biased 😉  You can get it on iTunes.

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6 thoughts on “Multi-Use Wing

  1. That is beautiful! My favorite colors too! I do envy your living room. I have vaulted ceilings but still don’t have enough room to easily use my flags. I still want one of those voi/poi thingys too! lol I do love using the wings also. They are so beautiful to watch.

  2. I didn’t realize that you could order a semicircle with a wing seam AND use the same one for a voi! How would you convert it to a voi?? That’s VERY cool!!

  3. Yes ma’am 🙂 It’s a special order single voi with a wing seam added (special order because it’s up-sized from the 35×84 to the 45×108 semicircle).

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