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Prophesying… to herself?

So a few weeks back I was celebrating a friend’s birthday with several other friends.  I knew I was going to be dyeing when I got home and as things began to draw to a close God told me to invite her to join me, which she did (if you understood where I lived in relation to her you’d understand that it was a big deal she said yes! LOL)

We got to my house and I consulted my list of orders and I started pulling out the scarves and prepping to dye.  As I did so, I sensed the Lord telling me to include a scarf that was for her, but not to tell her it was for her.

Several of the orders were ones God had already spoken to me on what they were to look like (including His Child), but there were 3 that I didn’t know yet what He wanted (on one I had 1 piece… warrior/warfare, but given the person’s situation that felt more like a “duh” than anything prophetic!).  I sensed Him telling me to let her make those 3, which included the scarf for herself that she didn’t know about.

She happily watched me do several and then I lay out the first one for her to do (the “warrior/warfare” one, which by the way – I didn’t tell her) and she created a beautiful turquoise, royal blue and gray “man scarf”. She began telling me about it and I took notes – it was right on and she knew nothing but that it was for a man… the name the Lord gave her for it was Mighty Warrior 🙂

Then she created the second one, which God gave her the word on later and it too was right on. And finally, she created the third one — her secret scarf.  She told me all about the scarf and I frantically took notes and wrote the scarf letter based only on what she was getting.

When we were done she looked down at the scarf admiringly and I said “Happy birthday” and she said “Thanks” still not understanding that it was my gift to her.  Then I said, “no, I mean Happy Birthday as in — this is for you!”  The look of complete surprise on her face confirmed that she had not suspected a thing!

She asked me to read the letter she’d just dictated back to her – now hearing it with new ears.  It was dead on. It completely aligned with what God’s spoken to her and previous words she’d received. And it was SUCH a timely reminder… as she, like many of us, is in a desert season that feels endless.

I love how God’s gift to her was not just a tangible reminder of His call on her life, but a tangible reminder that she hears from Him… which is SO precious, as anyone who has been through a desert season knows only too well!  He is such a good God… and He knows how to give good gifts 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Prophesying… to herself?

  1. awesome story, it made me cry. Our God is Good!!

  2. Haha, I like this story. Makes me laugh. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we have the ability to speak of what God is doing over ourselves. I heard a story one time about a women, who by the way is an evangelist now, went to a friends house and laid hands on herself and prophesied what God was speaking to her about herself and she recorded it. Later, in a meeting a well know evangelist spoke the same words over her. The impact was so tremendous that she decided to stay in the ministry. We all need to learn from this story. God is speaking to us we just have to listen with a new set of ears.

  3. Incredible. So many times I have asked God to speak through others so I don’t taint the hearing. Confirmation that I only need to listen to hear.

  4. Awww. I love it! I love you! I love her! I love your gift!! I know that every scarf I have from you was exactly dead on!!! God is so incredible!

  5. This story is so great! It reminds me of a moment recently when I realized He had given me an answer right away to prayer but I didn’t recognise it at all. I have to laugh now because He set up a scenario so exact any one could have gotten it but I had “expected” a different reply. I agree with Angie, we have to listen and see with “new” ears and eyes.

  6. Meghan,
    I have to say that when I found out I was going to get to spend the whole evening with you I thought that in itself was going to be the perfect end to my birthday. But, being the sweetheart that you are, you amazed me with the gift of, not only a beautiful scarf, but the knowledge that I can hear God clearly for myself. I don’t know if you realize how monumental that was for me…It was truly “The ultimate gift” 😉
    I love the fact that now, whenever I wear “Heavenly Call”, which is often…I am reminded of my Heavenly Fathers thoughts and plans for my life, and that I was called to serve him from before birth.
    Thank you so much! You are precious!
    Love you,

  7. I hope I get a chance to dye with you someday too Meghan!

  8. That’s so cool & awesome. I love how God works like that. I think I’d be just as shocked to know that what the Lord had just prophesied out of my mouth was actually for me, lol. You’re such a blessing to others Meghan! You have so much seed sown in wonderful ground.

  9. Lately I’ve been wondering if I can hear from God. I know you and your ministry and others have heard from God and spoken over my life but at this phase of my life with so many questions and decisions to be made, I was wondering if I can truly hear from God. I’m so glad I came across this story. lol I know if I just be still and listen with open ears and heart He will speak to me.

    I’ve had a dream or desire to start my own business. I got the name of the business last fall and I knew what kind of work it involved but I just couldn’t get a clear focus on what it was. But just today I asked my best friend to pray with me that God would stir up my gifts. During our conversation it all came together. It wasn’t fuzzy anymore. I have the name of the business and the goal of the business. Praise God! I had to stop myself from commissioning the logo and website from you Meghan. lol I know in His timing He will reveal it all and He will open the doors and bring it all to pass. Thank you for this wonderful reminder that He does speak to His children. May He give us the ears to hear and the eyes to see.

  10. @Frances – So grateful you’re blessed by the D4Y stories – He is so faithful! I’m praying for you to be in perfect step with Him for each part of this new business He’s birthing in you 🙂 And of course, know I’m ready and willing when and if you ever want to commission some work 😉 Love you!

  11. What a great to spend my Friday night reading such wonderful scarf stories!

  12. This is a pretty special one. That’s all I have to say.

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