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A Class of Scarves

This is a long scarf story that happened over a period of about 5 months (January to May – sorry it took me so long to post!).  It is so beautiful and I love and am amazed at how God moves.  Let me start at the beginning… it all started when Reyna (a teacher at a Christian school) contacted me wanting to get scarves for all the students in her praise dance class (as well as one for herself and her teacher’s assistant).

After I made the scarves, I posted a picture of all of them to the Dyed4you Facebook page and requested prayer over them – my fantastic FB buddies were only to happy to help 🙂

After God gave me the names, I sent the list to Reyna of each child’s name with the name of their scarf.  This was her response to what I sent:

I can’t even believe this! The Lord continues to amaze me in all His awesome power and goodness. I had just finished having my intimate time with the Lord and journaling after I spent time dancing with Him. It’s funny b/c I had just expressed to the Lord that I feel like a child at Christmas. I expressed how I just cannot wait until the package arrives. He whispered to me-“In My perfect timing. Do not open the box when you receive it. Do not cast your pearls before swine-even in your excitement. Wait until your small group time (the group consists of 2 of my best friends, 1 of whom is my Praise Dance assistant). Open it as a group and you will experience My power in the most amazing, refreshing way.”

I can tell you that I was brought to tears when I received your email just a few minutes after my time with Him was over! When I began reading each child’s name and what the Lord had you name their scarves I was blown away. Each title is SO PERFECT FOR EACH ONE. Some of the names only He would know to use. It’s remarkable. I am so honored that He uses you as His vessel to reach into the deep intimate parts of our beings-even in children that are so precious to Him.


I eagerly await the arrival of our precious gifts! We will send photos as soon as possible.

The Lord has already placed several people in my heart to bless with scarves. So, I will be placing orders in the future.

I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. We will keep you updated as to the results after the girls are presented with their gifts from Daddy Jesus.

God Bless you!

After reading her response I immediately sensed the Lord prompting me to include a gift for the third person in her small group.  I had a scarf I’d been prompted to make that had no home yet and knew it was the one.  I packaged it all up and sent it off.  It arrived in perfect timing for their group and I received a sweet note from Reyna shortly thereafter, but before I share her note – I’ll share the scarf letter that she received (her note will make more sense if you’ve read the letter!)

The name of your scarf is Rivers of Refreshing.  The colors in your scarf are:

  • Emerald Green representing restoration
  • Chartreuse Green representing praise
  • Turquoise representing healing
  • Electric Blue representing release
  • Gold shimmer representing beauty for ashes

The scripture that goes with this scarf is Psalm 84:6 NLT, “When they walk through the Valley of Weeping, it will become a place of refreshing springs. The autumn rains will clothe it with blessings.”

It has been prayed over and anointed with the Scent of Heaven’s Hope.  Hope deferred makes a heart sick (Proverbs 13:12). Hope is vital to our walk. We have to stay in a place of hope – of anticipation – of the fulfillment of God’s word and promises.

I pray it blesses you!

And here was Reyna’s response:

Wow! Our Lord is so wonderful!!! Again – thank you for your obedience to be his vessel. He touched such deep intimate parts of each of us. I have asked each member to share their experience when they each received their scarves. You will see their testimonies shortly.

Thank you for the wonderful gift for our third member. What an awesome surprise! I had been wondering if I should order one for her or not. I didn’t have the release from the Lord to go ahead and do so, but I felt in my spirit she was meant to have one as well. How amazing that the Lord placed that on your heart. Her name …interestingly enough …means Wisdom [her scarf’s name was Godly Wisdom]. I’ll let her share the details.

Before I share my experience let me say that the girls scarves are absolutely gorgeous. The names the Holy Spirit gave you are perfect for each child. We opened each one and were in awe how they even “look” like each little one’s personality. So awesome. We rolled each one carefully again so that when we present them to the girls they look just as precious as when you sent them. I’m excited to see their little faces and see how God touches their hearts.

My scarf is perfect. Anointed with Hope is so timely. Let me explain a few things.

  • Restoration – in my marriage, relationships, and what the enemy has tried to steal from me
  • Praise – my deepest desire for perfect praise for HIM
  • Healing – various hurts, brokenness
  • Release – my request to him for His increased anointing over me for the art of worshiping Him through dance/spiritual giftings
  • Beauty for Ashes – neglect, rejection/How God turned what the enemy intended for evil/destruction into good.
  • I had a vision of myself dancing in the River of Life, splashing with Jesus and being refreshed, restored, revitalized. amazing. I see the droplets of Perfect Praise falling from Him onto me, from me onto the girls in my class, and then from them into their homes. It creates an effect like a raging river of refreshing throughout the community-He keeps saying to me Tsunami-like.
  • Hope – God has been speaking to me about Hopes and dreams he has given me. I am to walk boldly like my namesake and continue to believe, hope and dream.

One of my heart’s desires is to open a dance school for children (outside of what I do at our elementary school). To reach out and teach children in the secular world who may never have the opportunity to experience something like “Praise Dance” and through the dance bring their families to know the Lord.

(He gave me this word when I placed the scarf over my head in prayer):

God has instructed me to begin the process on faith. I will bring the resources says the Lords. I will bring the people, the children, the place/establishment. Continue Queen Ester on the path I’ve put before you. Do not fear for I am ever with you. Worship me with boldness.

Thank you eternally Meghan!

Next I got an email from Reyna after the kids had been given their scarves 🙂

Our “babies” were so delighted to receive their scarves today. Some of their comments:

  • I feel like Jesus is right next to me
  • How did this get here from Heaven?
  • His presence is with me just like when I went to India
  • How did she know this is my favorite color?
  • This looks just like me
  • Jesus is awesome!  He knew exactly what to say to me
  • No one but Jesus could know that

One child was struck with “Holy Laughter” for over an hour

With each child, the teachers had created a personalized letter for them to give them along with their scarf.  With one child, after the mother read the letter she began to weep.  The scarf and the letter touched on a deep fear the child had struggled her whole life and brought “light” to it from God to break the darkness.

Next, I got a note from the other teacher.  The name of her scarf was Hovering Presence, which ended up being used in the Dyed4you Art piece Wait Upon the Lord (which Reyna got her for her birthday later on) 🙂

My scarf is absolutely beautiful and totally describes me and where I am presently. Purple is my favorite color, and my scarf reminds me of a midnight sky. When I began to read what the Lord placed on your heart for me I couldn’t even believe how much it described me and the place that I am in.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself; I have been married for 11 years and I am a mother of four, (3 girls and a son, one of which will be receiving one of your scarves). When I was pregnant with my 3 year old, my husband was taken to the hospital and at the age of 33 diagnosed with congestive heart failure. A year later we became pregnant with our youngest. My life since these events have been summed up to one word “chaotic”. When I saw that my scarf was anointed with Shalom, which is all about the peace that wars against chaos, I began to weep.

To see the colors and the representation of the colors just blew me away- healing, joyful praise, contrite heart, overcoming and promises of God are things that only God hears me speak and only he knows the desire I have to be so intimate with him.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart because this is definitely a ministry that changes and transforms people. I know for me it has. I am wearing my scarf today around my neck and I feel that I have a little bit of my heavenly father with me.

I am blessed!

Finally, I got an email from the woman I’d sent the Godly Wisdom scarf as a gift for:

Thank you for sending me a scarf along with the other women. I am the third member of the group and was truly surprised to receive it. The words that came with it were truly a blessing. I had been given very similar words in 1992 prophetically and through my intimate times with the Lord.

As I read the letter God brought back to memory that my name means “wisdom” and that he has called me to speak truth that at times is bitter but also sweet. I am a Social Worker and provide counseling to students. I often need the Lord to give me Wisdom during these times as well as the ability to speak the truth. I have seen him open their eyes when I speak something and it connects with them. I often get “I never thought about it like that.” The word provided in that letter was an encouragement to me.

Thank you for your obedience.

When the end of the school year arrived the parents wanted to create a gift for both the teachers and so they came to me to create a small scarf for each of them which they created into a piece of wall art.

Finally, I received a big envelope from Reyna, inside was a precious thank you note from each child!

What an amazing God to weave such a beautiful story!
Since the very beginning of my walk with Jesus; He has impressed upon me the power and atoning
work of His Blood shed for my sake.  It is through His precious Blood that I am now forgiven, cleansed
and able to enter His Presence. It is because of His Blood that I now belong to Him….. And it is with His
Blood that I come against the enemy!
He has shown me several visions of Him shedding His Blood….scenes NOT from any movie or Passion Play;
but from His ACTUAL crucifixion.  Suffice it to say that these were traumatic and powerful encounters for me
both because of my great love for Him; and the powerful realization that He would have done it all…….just for ME.
One time He showed me a vision of Him chained to the whipping post…I was at my church at the time, worshipping
under the big cross….on my face in His presence.  I did not see the Roman soldiers who were there; all I saw was the
whip sailing through the air, digging into his back and tearing out long strips of skin as it was pulled back by an (unseen) hand.  In the vision; He screamed (at the pain) and I screamed also…(in fact, so loudly that I was sure later
that I had actually screamed in the physical, but it turned out I had not!)  I then THREW myself across His wounded
back, between Him and the whip, wrapping my arms around Him and shielding His back with my own body while
screaming…”NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”  I felt His warm Blood dripping down my cheek as I pressed my face against Him…….
Immediately, the vision shifted….almost like turning a page in a book….Now He was hanging on on the cross!  I was on my hands and knees at the foot crying hysterically…..There was so much blood dripping off Him that it was running
down the cross…  He looked down at me, right into my eyes….and He pushed Himself up on the cross…obviously in
horrible pain and struggling to just breathe…..He spoke to me and simply said….”This is how much I love you!”
At this, I was back in the “natural”…but STILL on my face under the cross crying hysterically…..I could still FEEL His Blood on my cheek, and was surprised when I touched my face and it did NOT come away red!
We know that His Blood covers us and acts as a shield against the enemy…and He once showed me this also.
I was actually a very young Christian at the time, and was just learning about Him and the power of His Blood to protect us. I was with a mentor in a little place called “Alba House”. It is actually a Catholic grotto, but it is pretty and peaceful and we often went there to pray and just talk.
We were praying in the little chapel, and as we stepped outside, I looked down and saw something on my arm. Thinking it was just the light, I stepped back into the chapel to check, and did not see it. As I stepped back outside, it reappeared! Holding my hands out in front of me, I looked at them and my arms which looked as though I had stuck them in mud or clay that had then dried on my skin. I looked at my friend, and saw the same thing on her face and arms!  I asked Jesus….”Lord! What is this?”  and He immediately gave me the revelation that THIS was the way
His Blood looked COVERING us in the spiritual realm!   I was FLOORED!
These are but 2 examples of many visions, words, and confirmations…..His Blood has been a CONSTANT since the
beginning…even starting with my very FIRST veil from Meghan; “Shed For You”.
Jesus spoke to me about purchasing a “Blood” flag…to declare the power and authority of His Blood in the spiritual
realm. I had been using a metallic red flag (Which also stands for His Blood) but now I sensed He wanted to make a stronger declaration.  I had found one example online, but did not feel His peace to order it….instead, I was led to
inquire of Meghan if SHE could make it for me. “The Blood” is the result.
He (AGAIN) completely blew me away  with it.   The red dye had soaked through some of the white areas of the
flag; and Meghan had originally thought that would be a problem. but NO!  Jesus said when He was carrying His Cross
to Calvary, the soldiers put His robe back on Him after His scourging.  The light colored material of His robe stuck to the open wounds all over His back, and His Blood seeped through, staining the fabric.  (I was just sitting holding the flag
in my hands and listening to Him with tears running down my face) Jesus said the flag looked EXACTLY like His robe had looked on that day…..  (It bore strong witness with Meghan also when I shared this with her)
The oil used to anoint the flag was Scent Of Heaven’s “Atoning Blood”…and Jesus drew my attention to the ingredients used to create it….and the parallells to His life.  Sandalwood…which takes 30 years to mature for harvest (Jesus was 30
when He began His earthly ministry.)  It is harvested by being CUT and BRUISED..(.as He Was with the beatings and His scourging!) Then a rose known as “Rose of Sharon” (One of Jesus’ names IS “Rose Of Sharon”!) and finally….
Myrrh…..first given to Him as a gift at His birth and then finally used to anoint His body for burial.
He is SO AMAZING! He never ceases to leave me HUMBLED, SHAKEN and OVERWHELMED with the depths
of His love and His sacrifice…..  To think that He loves us…(loves me) this much… I can not comprehend WHY He loves
me so much…..I pray The Holy Spirit would help me love Him back as much and as FAITHFULLY and as RADICALLY as POSSIBLE…….I want to be completely overwhelmed and CONSUMED both by His sacrifice and by MY LOVE FOR HIM!

18 thoughts on “A Class of Scarves

  1. This is such a beautiful story from all the ladies. God is so amazing!! You are such a blessing Meghan! All the lives that you have touched through the Holy Spirit, this has to be an awesome feeling to know that you are helping in God’s work. The lives that you and Holy Spirit are changing. It is just beautiful Meghan. I pray blessing over your home and all the work that you are doing for the Kingdom of God.

  2. Wow! How awesome of a testimony about each of those and to know how deeply it touches each heart. Meghan, I’m so glad you posted this. What a testimony!

  3. This story is incredible. What an impact this will have on these young girls lives forever. They will have tangible proof through the scarves and letters how much God thinks about them, knows about them, and loves them. Something every young girl needs to know. Thanks for sharing Meghan and for your obedience and generous spirit.

  4. Amazing story! I love this so much!!! Just makes me smile…

  5. Well the tears started rolling at Rivers of Refreshing! I am in awe of Him. He touches that specific area that reveals so personally how much He loves us. Donelda’s comment made me realize I need to get my daughter one very soon. She has been going thru a tough time with a diagnosis and now is when she needs that special reasurance. I also reached for mine while I was reading (it’s been a tough week) and I think I’ll be sleeping with it too!

    1. ❤️

  6. I can’t get over how some people have such an intimate relationship with our Father. I hope to get there someday too. All these testimonies are beautiful!

    Keep up the amazing work Meghan!

    1. Me too, sister, me too!

  7. Wow! I loved reading Reyna’s story. It is so awesome to be able to be a part of what God is doing in our city!

  8. Meghan, wonderful story, these are so beautiful and anointed. The glory of God shines brightly though your work. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Meghan-
    You weaved the story together so beautifully. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! We truly appreciate and honor the work the Lord has entrusted you with.

    Can’t wait to see what God has in store for our little ones this year!! We will keep you posted. 🙂

  10. Meghan –
    Thank you for piecing our story together so lovely it makes me feel as though it was yesterday, bringing back all the emotions and anticipation of how the girls would react when they received their precious gifts.

    Thank you again for your ministry!

  11. Meghan,

    I’ll try to keep this short. I also work at the school with Reyna and I have seen God’s work first hand. Awesome beyond words comes to mind to see how God has orchestrated every single detail. First the calling of HIS beloved daughter (Reyna) who HE can entrust the girls, HIS treasures; He then brought the second tender servant (Nyree) who shared the same passion and vision of Worship. Then the babies, giggling, running, jumping and full of life, the lesson began from teachers to babies and from babies to teachers. Oh how the Holy Spirit would come through to meet and brood with HIS children in worship. Then He delivered HIS word and encouragement through you Meghan and your heavenly scarves. As each person received their message it was a now word that each and every one needed to hear at the time and season. The babies held their scarves with ownership and positively no doubt in their mind that The FATHER loves them and enjoys the attendance of their worship. Thank you, for taking the time in being still before the LORD and weaving/dyeing the mantles of love, encouragement, hope, healing, anointing….so much more.

    1. AMEN !!!!

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  14. What a precious precious precious story 💕💕💕💕 God is SOOO GOOOOOD !!!!!

  15. I love seeing all of the precious faces behind your stories/testimonies!

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