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Freedom, Confirmation & His Presence

This scarf had such a profound impact that it took the recipient several days to even process what God was sharing through it. I’ve broken it out piece by piece and what an amazing story it is!

Here was the first note I got from her:

I received a semicircle scarf from Meghan a couple of days ago. The moment it was handed to me I felt God’s anointing come over me. I can hardly put into words what has happened to me but I do know that if the Lord has told you to purchase one of Meghan’s scarves DO IT NOW. NOW is the time, now is the time that God is calling His true worshipers. He is preparing us for continual worship. Meghan’s scarves are gifts to us from God to experience His true worship. Don’t delay. Don’t delay. I’m praying for many, many, many more scarves!!!

A couple days later I received:

I felt the anointing so strongly through my scarf that I slept with it on my chest the first 2 nights. God’s sweet comfort, peace and joy enveloped me all night long…..

I have used it 5 times now for worship at  a worship conference and at church. Each time the presence of the Lord comes over me in almost waves of an anointing oil. So rich, so sweet and so loving. I feel completely saturated by His love. I enter into worship so easily. I know this is only a scarf but it is a beautiful and anointed scarf!!!

I went up to the front yesterday at church and praised and worshiped with the scarf (which I have never done). The worship was so heavy that you could feel it. It lasted a while and the Pastor said that he felt that things were being broken off of people and major breakthroughs were happening for the church and people.

Finally, several days later I got to hear the full story of what happened at the conference she was at over the weekend (where she was with our friend Caleb, who you see in the picture with her).  I added headers to the sections to chunk up the text a bit 🙂

About the Wing and How it Confirmed an Earlier Vision

While at a conference this past weekend I experienced a presence of the Lord that I have never experienced before. Meghan’s scarf has been a confirmation in what God has revealed to me. When I opened my scarf Meghan had enclosed an explanation of the colors. Ox blood red represents living sacrifice, royal blue represents priesthood, purple represents intercession, white represents holiness. The Lord specifically showed her that the red in the scarf should be poured from the top – like blood pouring down and covering.

Years ago I saw an image of me standing on the ground but when I looked up all I could see was the blood of Jesus. God said to me “now I want you to see this as I do”. He showed me that He looks from above and when He is looking down at me all He sees is the Blood of Jesus!!! This scarf confirmed an image that I had about 20 years ago!!!

Deliverance and a Vision

Later on that night I went through deliverance with the ladies in my hotel room. Bondage was broken off and many, many other things. But the word kept coming out that I was a worshiper and that I was to praise him and proceed with making flags for worship.

While at this worship conference God started showing me things in praise and worship that I had never seen before. Clouds of praise and worship going up as I waved the scarf. Images of the throne room, almost a misty view. Not real clear but I knew it was sacred. Gold lots of gold and in particular gold pillars, pillars that were twisted like a rope is. It was glorious. When the conference was over I knew that I had been set free and had entered into a entirely different dimension of worship with God.

New Levels of Worship

Sunday at church the praise and worship was awesome. A new level of worship was so evident and the entire service was awesome. I went up to the front with others to praise and worship with my scarf as if I had done so every Sunday. I had never even gone to the front for praise and worship before. I was so comfortable in the front and in His presence. I didn’t care what others thought. I just knew I was where God wanted me to be!!!

Breaking through Fear

I repaired and reworked some Lion of Judah flags for a brother in the Lord a couple of days ago. I have sewn since I was in junior high school but the weird thing was that I became completely engulfed in fear about working on his flags. I called my friend for prayer. I also asked Meghan if she would pray for me. Five hours later and many attacks I completed them. When I took them to my brother he was thrilled with them and how they felt. I knew without any doubt that God Himself had helped me work on the flags!!!

Visions and Words during Inner Healing Confirmed by Scarf Word

I went for more inner healing yesterday at a friends house. This friend wasn’t at the worship conference nor were any of the other ladies in the room. We prayed and the Lord brought my mind and spirit back to when I was 3 years old… I saw an image of me dancing in the living room with a pink ruffled dress. Jesus came into the room and I was no long the me that had gotten lost along the way. I was dancing with Jesus and playing with my skirt and Jesus was saying, “Be Free”! Then I saw a picture of Jesus that really was in our living room growing up. Jesus came down from the picture and placed His hands upon my head while I was kneeling in front of Him.

Their was oil coming from His hands and it slowly dripped from the top of my head down my entire body to my feet. It smelled like honeysuckle from my grandmother’s front yard! I asked Jesus what it meant and He said it was the oil of gladness. He than gave me a shield, a gold handled sword and golden dancing slippers (mind you I am not a dancer). I had on a party hat that had flowers, and was feminine. It was flowing and had character and flair. This really is my personality but I’ve been battling with the real me for as long as I can remember. Than I had an image of when I was sick in an oxygen tent.

When I asked Jesus where he was the image changed in my mind to me sitting in Jesus’ lap inside of the oxygen tent. He was there all along and I didn’t know it! I blamed myself for not knowing that Jesus was there. My friend asked me, “what is Jesus doing now”? The image changed again and this time Jesus was handing me a flag. A flag that “catches the air”, and “has a nice sound”. The flag was red, white and blue but as I looked at it, it changed to gold and purple. Jesus set me on the sidewalk in front of the house I grew up in and said “GO”! I’m now about 6 years old, marching up and down the street in front of our house. Actually I was marching from a music store that was on the corner, back in front of our house and then on down the block to a beautiful 2 story house that I had always thought was magical growing up. The Lord was saying “take the music and the flag into the house” but this meant the house of God!!! …

I am a breast cancer survivor and have felt toxic stigmas from the many surgeries I have had. I have also felt that my arms are weak from the surgeries as well. God spoke to me and said ” that he was giving me strong arms in the physical and spiritual realm”. So He had me give Him all of the attitudes I had and as I did it turned into Fire in His hands. This was all further confirmation on what God has called me to do for Him. These ladies had NO idea whatsoever what is going on in my life. In fact one of the ladies has seen Meghan’s scarf and she doesn’t even know where it came from.

The name of my scarf is Tabernacle of Praise. God had already given Meghan the name of my scarf before ANY of the above happened!!!

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11 thoughts on “Freedom, Confirmation & His Presence

  1. You know I think this one takes some time for the reader to digest too! It is a good example of how Jesus can go back in time and seemingly change it. He is so wonderful! No one can do that for us but Him. It is also a good reminder to turn to Him in our hard spaces and times as He will take us through to overcome. Beautiful story and scarf!

  2. WOW, what a beautiful story. I just love how God works through Meghan and every person is blessed when they recieve their scarf. thank you again for sharing these lovely storys. God Bless you all!!

  3. I had to go back and reread this a few times because I wanted to make sure I got every bit of this testimony. Powerful, powerful, POWERFUL testimony and to God be the glory forever! It encourages me so much to read these and see the uniqueness of every scarf, every letter, and every testimony behind it. How does He do it!? His thoughts and ways are certainly NOT our ways. How profound, majestic, and divine is it that HE chooses a pure white piece of silk of a certain size, carefully chooses the colors and HOW they are to be dyed and crafted, what is to be written in the letter, and KNOWS just how deeply it will penetrate the very heart, mind, soul, and spirit of a person? HOW does He do it!? You just can’t explain it except…but GOD! And seriously Meghan. It’s a tremendous gift and responsibility He’s chosen to place in you. Treasure that gifted anointing He’s created and placed in you for such a time as this. It’s glorious & beautiful to see how you & the Lord work together. Just amazing. It’s seriously ONLY Jesus who could ever do something like this. To God be ALL the glory!!

  4. This is an amazing testimony of God and his Holy Spirit moving . Calling forth the praisers and worshipers and those who mourn for Zion to pray and bring forth the presence and gory of the Lord. God is healing us so we can minster to others of the healing power of God and the freedom He has for us. praise His Holy name for this beautiful women who is being set free and Her worship is a sweet incense to the Lord. I cannot wait to get my scarf and see what the lord has for me. This is such a wonderful minstry and praise God for his goodness to us and allowing me to be a part of this.

  5. Wow. I love the way God reminds us of things that we have forgotten and brings His words to life once again in that situation and in our current situation. God’s love for us is so amazing. What an awesome privilege to enter into what He has called us to.

  6. Wow!!! I am so overcome with JOY!!! I wrote this story to Meghan in pieces, yet the Lord put it all together perfectly. The beauty of God is so awesome in how He creates a beautiful scarf through Meghan’s hands and than transformed my life. Glory, Honor and Praise to Him Forever and Ever!!!

  7. Wow! Wow! Wow! Meghan, thanks for sharing these testimonies!! They are raising my faith level to new heights!!! So awesome are you, God!!!

  8. Wow, this is so powerful…

    the line “He than gave me a shield, a gold handled sword and golden dancing slippers…” reminded me of Ephesians 6: The Armour of God.

    And I love the colors of the scarf! It looks like she has wings! beautiful…!

  9. Wow! What a personal Lord and Savior we have! He totally knows what we need, He speaks to us in so many different ways and He never leaves us!
    Thanks Meghan for posting this and Penni for sharing it!

  10. Such a beautiful story of how G-d touches people’s lives.

    i sometimes worry about those visions though when I read them because a lot of visions and prophetic stuff that is nothing but experienced based have there place in the Third Wave Occult movement that has found its way into alot of churches. I know that some visions are authentic but I wonder if a great deal of modern day visions are actually experienced based occult things? That is the only thing that bothers me here. I absolutely love these stories!!!, but I wonder about those folks who want to say that dance, praise, and worship are warfare when it is actually faith that is the warfare. The teaching that dancing and extreme praise and worship can battle demons is of the LDS movement, because it is faith in Jesus that wins the battle. I just wanted to share this because I was concerned about some of the visions and the connection to the Third Wave and New Age Movement that has made its way into the church. I am not condemning or slandering anyone whatsoever. G-d forbid that. I am just concerned about whether all of the visions are real or not. That is what’s bothering me because I have looked into alot of that New Age Emergent stuff that has made its way into churches if you are familiar with it.

    Such a wonderful story though.

  11. @Tabitha – I actually disagree with you. Dance, praise and worship ARE warfare specifically because they are physical exhibitions of our faith! They are us declaring our faith in Him and declaring He is trustworthy and good and faithful. And all of that absolutely is warfare. 

    With that said though, I do agree that not all visions being attributed to the Father are always from Him. We each need to be relentlessly pursuing Him though and He will guide us and lead us. There is grace for the learning 🙂

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