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God Ministering Through a Scarf Story

I love how God works – this scarf story is how God ministered through reading a scarf story!  This was Reyna’s comment on the Hedged In story:

Amazing. This ministered to me so much. As I read and played the music I felt so strongly to pull out my very first scarf 🙂 rivers of refreshing.

I placed this over myself, prayed in the spirit and just allowed the Lord to wash over me.His love is and was so tangibly thick. No doubt that this story along with so many others have blessed the multitudes. He just craves us so much-it’s intoxicating to be with Jesus!!!!!

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3 thoughts on “God Ministering Through a Scarf Story

  1. I had to come back to this & respond…… After reading this post & the ‘Hedged In’ story, I went to play Elijah Streams internet radio where Misty Edwards was just coming on singing ‘My Garden’ ~ “You and me alone, God. You and me alone.” ~ I guess I really needed to hear the message of that song! So Cool!!!

  2. Wow! This is great!

    I am touched by so many scarf stories and I love to share it with my friends at church. Thanks Meghan for taking the time to blog all these entries and giving us hope and a renewed love and understaning of our Father.

  3. I’m so glad you did repost this. I so can relate with reaching over to my own scarf and just feeling His love over and over with each new story. The stories are always a message of how personal His love is for us.

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