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Three-Beat Weave

David showing Allen (and the rest of us) how do a three-beat weave with his Dyed4you flag poi.

I tried desperately to follow this well enough to learn to create a how-to for you guys, but I couldn’t get it!  LOL 🙂  Here’s the video of us all TRYING to get it – perhaps you’ll have better success and one of you will feel inspired to do a how-to 😉

And if you can’t follow this but are still eager to learn – here’s a link to the two-beat weave

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6 thoughts on “Three-Beat Weave

  1. He makes it look soooooo easy!

  2. Ugggh! You can’t leave us hangin’! Did Huby ever get it?!! :/

  3. No… he didn’t. But he didn’t try too hard, regrettably he wasn’t having a great day and wasn’t in the mood to put forth much effort. We’ve all had those days! 

  4. Ok….seriously at this point I would be on the floor, on by back with my legs crossed, my arms crossed, my tounge tied…..Gee wiz. This is definately an art. Right on , David!!!!! One of these fine days I’ll have to give it a go. It’ll be theraputic since I’m sure I’ll be laughing myself silly!!!!!

  5. Your nephew is good! And I agree with Leslie…he does make it look easy!

  6. As your nephew was worshipping it was like a pinwheel moving or a windmill blade moving. Just beautiful. Shows me that we and nature can and do worship unto God just by being ourselves and doing what He gave us. Everyone is unique. Everyone is special.

    May God’s blessings surround you,
    Charlotte Dumka

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