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Amanda with Gatekeeper Wing

Amanda E visited my area and so of course we had to enjoy some Dyed4you silks while she was here πŸ™‚Β  In this series of video clips, she is worshiping with a semicircle with a wing seam added. It’s name is Gatekeeper.

The music is from Christ for the Nations, the song is called My Romance.

Make sure you see the blooper too πŸ˜‰

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14 thoughts on “Amanda with Gatekeeper Wing

  1. So beautiful – I wept watching this – now THIS is what worship is about! My heart was thumping and racing-oh Meghan how pleased the Lord must be with your art and your friend’s worship so humbled by this….

  2. It is like a beautiful ballet dance in worship of God.
    Wow! Amazing! Loving it!
    I cannot move so gracefully. I am sure God will teach me as I enter into praise and worship of Him.

    May God’s blessings surround you,
    Charlotte Dumka

  3. WOW.. I didn’t know there was a comment posted, so i hadn’t read it yet. I too weeped as I watched Amanda dance for the Lord. It was so beautiful and so anonited. Thank you again Meghan for the work you are doing for the Lord. It is absolutely just amazing to see how the Lord is working through you making these beautiful scarf’s. I love you πŸ™‚

  4. Glory, glory in the highest!!!!

  5. I am always amazed at the beauty of these Dyed4You pieces in action in the hands of a dancer. So beautiful! Love it.

  6. Correction: from dancer to worshiper!

  7. I showed my husband this when he got back home and I weeped again. as I watched it the second time, I show you dancing for the Lord and heaven was opening up. We were bring heaven down to earth. Glory to God.

  8. This is absolutely beautiful!! I love how the scarf seems to almost disappear & then suddenly bursts out big!! Fascinating! And Amanda does a beautiful job ‘displaying’ it!

  9. Praise God for blessing you guys. Totally blessed & humbled He chose to use us this weekend for this. This wing by far was my favorite to use this weekend. I’m a wing girl πŸ˜‰ But I must say, I’ve never taken any type of dance lessons or anything. I did marching band in high school and colorguard one year in a drum and bugle corps, so really this is just “me”. And the beautiful thing is we ALL look like this to Him! Trust me guys, I’m speechless and been crying this morning looking at the video and pics. I had NO IDEA I “looked” like this. I’m ministering to myself. So glad you were all blessed…now get up and start dancing for Him, lol!! πŸ˜‰

  10. Beautiful! As a praise dance I loved watching this and seeing her expressive heart of worship flow freely. Its such an amazing feeling to feel the presence of God envelope you as you dance. Everyone should try it!!!

  11. I just found this site today…I was bored and was playing bejewel blitz…your ad was on the right of the game, so I clicked on this site and been on it all day…looking at everthing. I LOVE this site. Our church dances with flags. I do not have my own…yet. It is so beautiful to watch. I am on social sercurity diability and live off $1000.00 a month. Maybe one day I will be blessed to have one of these….all in God’s timing…I am so glad I found Dying4U.

  12. I can just imagine the smile that must be on Jesus’ lips as He received that worship. Beautifully anointed.

  13. i love this song the whole CD is nice! I wings r Gorgeous how do i get a pair lol

  14. Another one I missed! @Linda – I’m with you I can look at these all day. This wing is just gorgeous and seems to have it’s own breath. Thanks Amanda and Meghan!

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