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His Presence Canopy (Chuppah)

When Amanda first showed me a picture of her idea for a floating canopy,  I was taken with how lovely it was.  How fun to get to see it in action in her daughter’s room!  This is 12′ of the 5mm china silk, which is a special order item.

My daughter, Madison, is 2 years old. At our last home, I had specific scriptures written on all four of her walls with butterflies surrounding them. Many people commented on the peace & anointing they’d feel when in her room…saved & unsaved people! We just moved into a different home in June and I knew that here in our new home I’d again be putting scriptures on all four of her walls. But I wanted to do something special for her and of course I thought of Meghan’s silks.

I started praying about it and the Lord started showing me a canopy for over her bed. But not just a canopy, a chuppah. Chuppah’s are the canopy used in Jewish weddings that the bride & groom stand under during the ceremony. The chuppah represents a Jewish home symbolized by the cloth canopy and the four poles. Just as a chuppah is open on all four sides, so was the tent of Abraham open for hospitality. In a spiritual sense, the covering of the chuppah represents the presence of God over the covenant of marriage.

Another thing about the chuppah is the groom enters the chuppah first to represent his ownership of the home on behalf of the couple. When the bride then enters the chuppah it is as though the groom is providing her with shelter or clothing, and he thus publicly demonstrates his new responsibilities toward her.

So, with that in mind, I understood why the Lord was choosing this for my daughter…His daughter. I gave her to the Lord before she was even conceived (I was told I would never have children but stood on God’s Word). I never ceased to thank God for her and to continue to put her before the Lord as His child for His glory.

So, in essence, this canopy is His chuppah for the relationship she and the He have and will have. This canopy was symbolizing that He is always with her and He is her covering. He will always go before her and be her provider, her shelter, her clothing (armor of God, garment of praise). His presence will be hovering over her and His anointing will constantly fall on her and cover her. This canopy was to be a constant reminder of His presence in her life, and His covenant & promises with her.

When I spoke with Meghan about this, I just knew that purple was the main color in it. I envisioned the night sky…like when Abraham looked up at the night sky & stars when God gave him the Promise. That’s what I saw for her. We first were thinking that it was to be “Free Indeed”. But something about it just didn’t sit right with me. Well, finances got short, and I had about 5 weeks to sit and just ponder on it and ask the Lord.

When I came to visit Meghan we knew it was time to dye the canopy. As I talked about Abraham and the night sky, Meghan suggested “His Presence”….THAT was it! And it clicked in me about what the chuppah was and what it symbolized. I had the privilege of helping to dye this with Meghan. We anointed it with Scent of Heaven’s “His Presence”….so as you may well get by now, HIS PRESENCE is ALL over this canopy.

It’s beautiful in her room and I’m incredibly excited to see how God will choose to minister to her through this. It goes PERFECTLY with all the scriptures I have on her four walls. Thanks Meghan for a BEAUTIFUL silk canopy for Madison! I’m sure I’ll have testimonies to share about it 🙂

Please note, if you decide to create a similar canopy you will want to use something to gently affix the silk on the rods (a small pin or thumbtack on the top side where it isn’t viewable for example). If you don’t and you get any wind – either from a fan or open window – the silk will potentially fall (we learned this the hard way from the fan in miss Madison’s room so heed the warning). 🙂

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17 thoughts on “His Presence Canopy (Chuppah)

  1. I love it! How great God is to remind us that He is our covering. I forget too often that He is all around me, covering me and protecting me (especially when life seems to grab me by the throat). It is awesome that you are bringing up your little girl to know these things. As I was reading I kept hearing the ringback tone on my phone…don’t know the song but it says “In His presence all fear is gone. In His presence is where I belong”. Thanks for the wonderful reminder!

  2. I promise the blog will be Amanda E free after this 🙂

  3. Amanda, I haven’t heard ANYONE complaining! Lol 🙂 And don’t make promises we can’t keep. We still need to post about the auction. 🙂

  4. I LOVE this post! I have a 22×72 scarf from Meghan that is draped over hooks at the head of our bed . . . I did it because my husband said it made him feel peaceful, I hadn’t even thought of the correlation between the scarf and a chuppah . . . what a wonderful thing for a special little girl!

  5. Amanda this is just so beautiful. As I was looking at it, I was seeing God covering you Daughter, that he is and will be ALWAYS in the palm of his hand. Then I started reading it and it was taking my breath away. In is Presence is where I want to be all the time. I am struggling with somethings right now. But our GOD is bigger then them and i will come through it, he is my strength, my strong tower. And Amanda this is beautiful and your daughter must just love it. Love, Tami

  6. Amanda, one more thing. Your daughter is just presious!! I love the pictures that you shared.

  7. Love it:) I would love my whole sealing like that:) !!! Maddie looks so happy with her room!!

  8. This is so amazing!!!!!!! I had not even read this story yet. I was just putting my little girl to bed and was telling her that our special scarves would be arriving any day now. I was lying beside her with my eyes closed and envisioned a scarf acting as a covering, shelter over her as she slept. I felt that I was to order another one for her, perhaps for the holidays for this very purpose and then I read this. So , so gorgeous…..and your sweet princess is absolutely darling!!! His banner over us is love. Be blessed, precoius one.

  9. Awwwwwwwwww! I love this story~ the chuppah. Amazing what the LORD showed you. Deep, precious, and powerful. Now my D4Y wish list has grown again!!!! Blessings to you and your beautiful liitle one. I am seeing more mother-daughter worship teams on this Blog; greatly encourages me.

  10. Forgot to say that I am encouraged by your testimony of standing on God’s Word for children. I have several friends who are taking the same stand on His Promises; this greatly encourages me.

  11. @Melijen: (On the mother-daughter relationship) I must say this is a work of the Lord in me and praise God there’s fruit in it! I had a bad/strained relationship with my mom up until recently. I had no idea how to be a mom, what to teach my daughter, etc. But God’s being that for me and teaching me how to with Maddy. I thank God everyday that she’s being raised & trained in His word & ways and that I myself am too 🙂
    (On His promise of Children) I’m 30 and been born again 7 years now. I was told from age 14 that I would have issues having my own children, and then in recent years told I may not have them. But when I got born again, I learned God’s will & promises for children. Of course my heart was to have biological children, but if they were to be adopted then praise God! Whatever He wanted. I just know He promised children. We stood on the Word & His promises for almost 2 years and EVERYONE ELSE was having kids, not us. It got discouraging. A few months before I got pregnant, I sobbed before God and said if His will wasn’t for biological kids, and we were to adopt then so be it. But I longed for children. I always told the Lord they were His to begin with, but at that moment I gave “our children” back to Him and said I was “done”. I couldn’t stand the pain of another negative pregnancy test. He immeadiately gace me a vision of an angel standing in front of me. Then angel motioned to it’s left for someone to come to him. It was a child. The angel said “go to your mother” and the child started running towards me shouting “mommy!!”. I cried. That was in May 2007. In August I was preparing for a half marathon in Chicago and God told me 3 weeks before it I wasn’t supposed to go. I needed to stay home and spend time with my husband. I told my husband, he thought perhaps I didn’t feel like running another half marathon, LOL, and told me I should go and wouldn’t give me the money to give my group of people for my part in the hotel cost and gas. Well, 4 days before I was to leave, God placed the EXACT amount in my hands to give to the group. I told my husband, and he knew then I wasn’t to go either, lol. And THAT weekend is the weekend I got pregnant 🙂 So, for your friends, I’ll be praying with them and standing in agreement with them. I know it can be discouraging and at times heartbreaking to wait for God to send children. But it’s worth it and it’s been a testimony I’ve been able to share to encourage others.

    Madison is literally a walking testimony of God’s promises and His word. Whenever someone asks me “How do you know Jesus is real?” I just point to my daughter and say “THAT is just ONE way I know He’s real”.

  12. I forgot to add that when my daughter sees me (like when I pick her up from class at church, I get home from somewhere, etc) she always yells “MOMMY!!!!” and runs to me with her arms stretched out for a hug….EXACTLY what I saw in the vision the Lord had given me with the angel. ALWAYS makes me want to cry when she does that. I must admit I still have reservations about my ability to be a mom (especially to future children which I know are coming, lol) but this has been a reminder that God’s blessing me with them and Maddy truly is a blessing 🙂

  13. Amanda E: thank you so much for sharing your testimony. Whoa! Praise God!!! I read it a few minutes ago and was able to share it with a dear sister of mine at that time, too. I am encouraged by your faith, trust, and surrender to Jesus. Your precious Maddy–God showed her to you before she was formed in the womb, her arms were reaching for you, and calling the only name on earth reserved just for you: “MOMMY!”

    Sounds like the parent you emulate to your daughter is your Heavenly Father and you overflow with His love:) There is a lot of wisdom in that; He is perfect love.

    Thank you for your prayers for my friends. I am grateful and encouraged greatly. I am anticipating holding these bundles of joy next year. ~ Blessings

    May the LORD bless you and keep you, shine His face upon you, be gracious to you, lift you up with His countenance, and give you Shalom (Numbers 6:23-26). Blessed be Your Name Yeshua!

  14. Amanda, in the natural, and by people’s standards, you are my daughter-in-law, but in the natural and spiritual to me, you are my daughter! I am so blessed to have you in my life, and so is Brandon and Maddy, and for that matter, anyone that knows you too! You are beautiful inside and out, and you and Maddy are jewels in God’s crown; so is Haley, Brandon, Chuckie and Alejandra too! I am blessed beyond compare to have such beautiful, loving children and granddaughters. You are raising Maddy Mae with such agape love, and peace, wisdom, and integrity, and I know God smiles when he looks at the great job you’re doing! I feel Maddy’s anointing every time I’m around her, and “His Presence” is the perfect scarf for her, because that’s where she stays, and her mommy, daddy, and nana too. I know my future grandchildren will be awesome too, because they’ve got such wonderful parents. I love you!

  15. What an incredible story. Amanda, no matter how our relationship has been with our parents, the one who teaches us best to be a parent is God. So you are not lacking, but maybe even ahead of others, because you knew you needed to start with God and didn’t waste precious time using your own experiences and knowledge. God is good. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I love everything about this! The significance of the chuppah is so sweet! The ministry to come will be sweeter still.

  17. It’s interesting to note that many couples who marry under a huppah hang the huppah over their bed after the wedding, to remember the moment they stood before God together to be married.

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