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Ohio Auction

About a month ago, Amanda Estep asked me if I’d pray about donate stuff for their silent auction for raising funds for their women’s retreat.  I ended up sending 5 printcards (the Beloved and Warrior series) and an 11×60 Deeper Waters scarf.  The auction was today and here’s what Amanda shared so far:

We made $275 total from the auction…$190 was just from what you donated!!! So thank you so, so much for donating! Made a huge difference! I passed out so much info on you and the websites. Hopefully you’ll be receiving orders soon from here in the Columbus area. One woman really really wanted Stairway to Revelation and someone out bid her. She stood and stared at the picture so much this afternoon. So at the end I got to talking to her and she shared why it spoke to her and meant so much to her and started crying. Before she even shared why, I had already decided to give her mine tomorrow at church.

So much to text you but need to drive home and NAP!! Lol 🙂 Thanks again Meghan!! Your donation made a huge difference. It really blessed so many people.  🙂

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