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Confirmation & a New Song

A cool pair of scarf stories 🙂

It has been quite the day!!!! I woke up to a phone call from my aunt who told me that my grandpa had passed away at 6:45am. I was just overwhelmed with sadness because we were planning on leaving the very next day to travel to see him in the hospital. I was feeling sad not just because he passed away but also because I had not seen him since my mother’s death in 1995. Unfortunately, after my mom’s passing, her whole side of the family basically shut my dad, brother and I out of their lives along with some other pretty horrible things.

I had forgiven them long ago and had contact with one of my aunts along with my grandmother and was looking forward to going to tell my grandpa that Jesus loved him. None of my mother’s family is saved….yet.

As I went about my morning, I just blurted out a very selfish thing…”God, I know this is a selfish thing to ask, but I need a sign today that both my mom and grandpa are in heaven with you. Please let that sign be my scarves arriving today.” The significance of this prayer is huge because I was not saved in 1995. I grew up going to church occasionally and believed in God but didn’t have a personal relationship with him. When I got saved in 2003, I could not stop wondering if my mom was really with Jesus.

After a long morning and afternoon as I helped in my daughter’s preschool class, I drove home and stopped at the mailbox. My heart was racing and as I opened the little door….there was the package. I held it close and drove into the garage. My little girl had fallen asleep in her car seat. I decided to just let her sleep. I unloaded the van full of groceries, put them way, made a coffee and sat down. By this time a half an hour had passed. I don’t know why it took me so long considering I had been waiting almost 3 weeks to get them from the time Meaghan sent them in the mail. I think I was just so overwhelmed by the faithfulness of my Papa God,. Never early, never late, always on time.

Now, before I go on…I have to mention that I placed an order for a wing because our church is celebrating it’s one year anniversary on October 1, 2010 and I had been asked to minister through dance. I wanted Meghan to create a special wing for this event. When I placed the order, I mentioned some colors along with some teachings that our pastor had been giving to us for the past several weeks. She wrote back saying that the Lord had spoken to her and none of the colors I mentioned were it. LOL!!!! I told her to just go ahead as He is the boss and that I would like to be surprised. Another concern I had was wondering if I would be able to handle such a large wing. Meghan said that God had been speaking to her on using a shorter dowel and when she had time she would make a video of it. I placed the order without seeing any footage as I knew I had to have one.

So………a few days later I go on the Dyed4you blog site and see a video of Meghan worshiping with a gorgeous wing called “Dwelling in His Beauty” I was riveted, I watched it several times just taken in by the gorgeous colors, the song, the way Meghan handled it. I was smitten. I quietly said to myself, “I hope my wing has colors like that because they are some of my favourites.”

Today, as I opened the squishy white bubble envelope, I saw…”Dwelling in His Beauty” the very scarf I had admired was for me!!!!!! As I read the note, I could not contain myself. I know the scarf was ordered for the church celebration, but it so ministered to me personally. “What I’m sensing from this scarf is that in Him we have healing, hope and victory as we grow in knowledge of the depths of His love for us. He has held nothing back – He has literally poured out His love to us…He is beautiful”

Now this was not only a timely word specifically for this day….my grandpa’s death and confirmation to a prayer, but also for some things I have been dealing with in my own personal life. I have been asking for more of the Lord but I honestly have had so many distractions lately that I have not been seeking Him in the way I should be.This word was a reminder to me that Father longs for my closeness and attention so much. He longs for intimacy and fellowship with ME!!! Ironically, 2 days ago I made a canvas for my daughter’s wall who has been having trouble sleeping through the night with Psalm 91.….He who DWELLS in the secret place of the Most High God….. Amazing!!!!

Precious Blood D4Y Blog Giveaway

Now, if that wasn’t enough…..there was also a second scarf in the package which I received as part of a Dyed4you giveaway for a comment I made on a story of a lady who had a dear friend pass away (read more of this story here). The name of the scarf I received is called PRECIOUS BLOOD. When I read the scripture that Meghan said went with it, Matt 6:25…I was astounded. For many years I had struggled with an eating disorder and recently I went on a big eating plan change and lost about 18 lbs in 30 days. I was still somewhat obsessing about my looks and weight and when I read this scripture it was like the chains of bondage that had held me captive for years , began to fall off. I am so grateful that Jesus has so much patience and is so kind and loving, He has begun to burn things out of me that I thought could never go.

In saying all this, as I wrapped the Precious Blood scarf over my head and the Dwelling scarf over my shoulders…God downloaded a melody and lyrics to me in seriously 30 seconds. Now, I have sung for many years but I do not play an instrument and I do not profess to be a songwriter. However, the Lord has been placing words and music inside of me for quite sometime and I sing them to myself but have NEVER shared them….until today. I turned on my webcam sang what God place on my heart and seriously before I could stop myself, I forwarded it to Meghan. What was I thinking? Anyway, it was the Holy Spirit moving through me……wow!!!

It is now into the wee hours of the morning. I’m still reeling from the events of the day, but there is a peace, stillness. Quite possibly like I have never known. I feel so carried. I truly feel like Jesus is sitting right next to me as I clatter away on the keyboard. I am so blessed, in utter awe, deeply humbled, captivated………..

A little later I got this little addition from her 🙂

I forgot to tell you that when my husband saw the wing he could not stop smiling. When he saw it held up, he said he saw the body of a man….legs, torso, arms. I found this to be so cool, because that’s kind of what I saw too, but I thought maybe that was too weird. BUT then as I meditated on your note and put it together with how my prayer for the last while has been to see His face…Wow!!! Jesus reveals Himself to us so uniquely. It’s like I have Jesus standing right beside me, in front of me, behind me, over me….wherever I am so is He…and His face is something unique for each of us to behold.

I just adore my daddy God!!!!

Listen to Kiara’s spontaneous song below:

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Kiaras spontaneous song” dl=”″]

Be sure to catch the “in action” video of Kiara using her wing at a church celebration!

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9 thoughts on “Confirmation & a New Song

  1. Wow! What awesome stories of Our Papa taking such intimate and detailed care of us! I love Kiara’s song too. I continue to be amazed by Him!! 🙂

  2. This is awesome Kiara! I’ve been hearing about this new move of instant downloads of new sounds and new songs being spoken prophetically. It’s incredible to hear it! Amazing.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! The song Kiara…speachless. God is so good.
    I especially liked the image in the scarf and what that means to you…”I have Jesus standing right beside me, in front of me, behind me, over me….wherever I am so is He.” A friend of mine had a recent vision of Jesus when she was in a very terrifying situation for her and He was standing beside her bed. She looked to the other side of the bed and then He was on that side. He smiled at her and sweetly and gently said “Would you like me on this side instead?” Jesus is wherever we need him to be and is gladly there. Thank you Jesus.

  4. Ditto on Donelda :). Not only does He hedge in around us in the here and now (beside), but He is covering our past (behind), and future (in front). May the Lord continue to move through, around, and in you mightily!!!

  5. Dwelling in His Beauty- this also speaks to me. I totally want more of God. He has been speaking to me about getting back to where I left. He has not left me, I have become distracted with other things. Thank you so much for this post.

  6. That song was beautiful. I could feel Holy Spirit all through it.

  7. What a beautiful story. Love how he is patient with us and love us so much. he is always with us. Love how your husband show the same things in your scarf 🙂 wrap it around you and he is really hold you in his arms, such rest and peace. thank you for share. Love you song and you have such a beautiful voice. God Bless

  8. i am absolutely moved in my spirit because of the wing, the scarf, your story and the timing.
    i’m estranged from my step-sisters, niece & nephews after my step dad died in ’05 after a 7 month decline, so i can relate to this.

    the colours on Dwelling in His Beauty i find to be astonishing – Meghan, i’m perpetually amazed at what you do with these and i have to say that i FEEL like i’ve been IN these colours, moving through them in the Spirit. I write stories and this colour combination keeps coming out. i also had a phoenix air brushed for “Remnant Fire” (my ministry) with blue, green and purple.

    just… WOW…

  9. I’m not the best computer person, and just spent 15 minutes trying to find the best place to comment. I’ve been led to comment here, so, being obedient, here goes.

    I’m in a dance ministry at my church and I’ve been blessed with so many visions of dances to share. I’m not the ministry leader, so, I try to temper my suggestions.

    Also, the membership in the dance ministry is falling by the way-side. The leader doesnt’ SEEM to be the least bit stressed, but sometimes I wonder, as she has said a few comments about being patient.

    From time to time, I’ve suggested we use differnt props, and we’ve used these ribbons i created…

    I took satin edged 2″ wide, one white & one blue, 2 yards each. Sewn together at one end with a loop of elastic at that edge. Wearing a set on each hand. We used the ribbons on one dance I choreographed, and one the leader choreoed.

    I’d mentioned using veils, and the ministry leader didn’t really respond. When I saw the River of Life, I feel it’s time to broach the subject again…. and keeping my heart open to music to choerograph.

    Each of my choreographies are not mine, but the Lord’s. He gives them to me in my sleep or when I’m alone in my car. The first one was “We Shall Behold Him”. It came in my dream… the ENTIRE piece.

    Anyway, thank you for posting that picture. I’m praying God sends me a song and a choreography …. and that the minsitry leader will be open.

    Thank you.

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