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Wing Seam Options

If you want to sew your own wing seam in our 45×108 semicircle how you want to do it depends on what type of dowel you will be using and what length; one with knobs (which won’t fit in the pocket) or without.

If you want to be able to use a 36″ dowel (see the 411 on Wings for more info) and/or a 48″ but neither will have a knob (larger ball to grip on one end), then I suggest using the option (dotted line is the seam) below. It also works if you only want to use a 48″ knobbed dowel.

However if you want to be able to use either 36″ and 48″ dowel with a knob, try using the option below:

Sew the seam (dotted line) to the ~36″ mark, then leave a slight opening (where a 36″ dowel with a knob could go and then do a second seam that would accommodate a 48″ dowel with a knob.

Hope this helps!

3 thoughts on “Wing Seam Options

  1. this is great Meghan, lots of great ideas 🙂

  2. Ohh! That second option for 2 different size rods. That’s a great idea! Thanks for posting Meghan!

  3. @Meghan, have you ever used a wing with the nob on the dowels? I am wondering if you can still do all the awesome twist and turns with your wrist. Getting ready to sew the seam tonight for my new wing 🙂 All of these decisions

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