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He is our Shepherd

You’ve seen Tami’s Jehovah Rohi altered wing in action twice before – once when Amanda E demo’d it after it was made and once by Tami’s granddaughter. But now you get to see Tami using it (YouTube edited out the audio – sorry!) and she even uses both her wings (Jehovah Rohi and Steadfast Faith) at the end!  Plus you get to hear her story 🙂

This wing is extra special to me because not only did Meghan’s hands make this, but my new friend in Christ also helped…Amanda E. The Lord gave the colors to Amanda E and she didn’t even know that green was one of my favorite colors. I also like yellow 🙂

It is gorgeous. I really didn’t get the whole story until Sunday in church. My friend Angie had asked me to go up front with a flag and I did. I was there for some time and then went back to my seat. She again was asking me to please come forward, but the flag that I had been using was taken by someone else. So I went forward with Jehovah Rohi and things starting coming to me:

I was praying for Holy spirit to stir in his house, Lord come and touch your people. I said “Lord come and be with us, He said Child I am here with you right now”. It was heavy at that moment and then He starting speaking Psalms 23 to me and I started to cry. As I was hearing these words I remembered that was the verse that came with my wing. He is my Shepherd and will never leave me, He leads me to green pastures and He renews my strength. God knew when I needed this wing and He reveals everything to us at the right time. God is so amazing!

I want to thank you (Meghan) and Amanda for the beautiful wing and for being obedient to the Lord. God bless you both

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11 thoughts on “He is our Shepherd

  1. How beautiful!! Tami, I loved watching you worship–sweetness and rest is what was deposited in me while I watched the video. Be blessed!

  2. I would like to finish this story… so when I asked Tami to come back up I new the spirit was stirring and she was part of that key. As she took that wing and started using it the annointing started flowing. It was amazing. Worship began to come out of the people, and I strongly believe it was because of Tami’s willingness to press in and dig so others could swim. She is a ground breaker.

  3. You are so beautiful !! You are anointed to worship the Lord in dance and praise. Very anointed !! your story is wonderful and touched my heart. God is so amazing how each story is such a blessing but how God uses each worship garment Meghan makes is just for each one of us and how it speaks to just us !!!! Do not be afraid to step out in the front of the church and worship with your wings. When you do the anointing will come and breakthroughs will come and God will draw you closer to his heart as you worship him. You will find refuge under the shadow of His wings !!!!

  4. So, so beautiful Tami!!!!! Isn’t 2 wings so fun?? Your testimony is beautiful and glad you share so freely 🙂 Keep pressing into worship with Him. It’s anointed!

  5. I want to thank you ladies, your words mean so much to me. @Amanda, i love 2 wings, but I am just not getting it. It is alot of work and you make it look so easy..but it is not. I will keep pressing in to him and with my worshiping with my 2 wings.

  6. Aww Tami you look so beautiful with them!!!! Keep going!! Remember I did colorguard/marching band for 5 years and still watch from time to time. So I have background in using similar flags. I just encourage you to go in an open space with one wing and just let loose! Don’t think about what you’re doing. Just let loose and let the wing just be an extension of your arm. The smallest movements are generally the most beautiful. And for me it’s not so much getting comfortable with the wing as much as it is getting comfortable with myself to just let go and allow my spirit to flow with His. So find a nice big open area, put on some music, forget the world, and let go!! Once you get comfy with that pick up the second wing and get comfy with both. I’d suggest getting comfy with the big wing first. Then the little one will seem SOOOO easy to manage 🙂 You can totally do it Tami!!!!

  7. And remember what Angie said!!! When you went up front the anointing fell and you helped break the ground up for the river to flow and people to swim! YOU ARE ANOINTED Tami!!! Never forget that! God LOVES your worship with the wings 🙂 and so do I!

  8. @Amanda, THANK YOU 🙂 !! I am going forward, pressing in with my worship. I feel so at peace when I am using them. I made a new one last night out of my 35×84 “Cleft of the Rock”, it is so pretty. I am tearing down the walls to be able to just worship HIM and not fear what man has to say. With the Grace of God I will be able to do anything. Thank you again for your words. They truely mean alot to me.

    Was worshiping last night at home and it was so GREAT. I love it when his presence falls upon me. He is always with me and will never forsake me. I love you Lord, May your name be Glorified!!!!

  9. Amen and amen Tami! That’s something He is breaking off of me too….performance, fear of man, and well fear in general. I’ll be praying for you as you contnue to open up in worship with Him. I saw your video with the 35×84 and it’s so beautiful and peaceful 🙂 I’m glad you’re sharing because it helps me and others to be encouraged t just let go! Love you Tami!

  10. @Amanda, I will keep you in my prayers, to break off all fear of man. I have been fighting this for years and it HAS to go in the name of Jesus.

    I am so blessed by all the wonderful women of God that Jesus is placing in my life.

    Blessing to all of you!

  11. u look beautiful when you dance…

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