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Abundant Peace Wing

Here I am with a semicircle with a wing seam added named Abundant Peace (note that my dog, Sketch, is demonstrating the peace by sleeping behind me while I worship – LOL).

The music is Misty Edwards “I Knew What I was Getting Into” off the “Joy” album 🙂

View semicircle / wing seam on Dyed4you

4 thoughts on “Abundant Peace Wing

  1. never heard the song before, will have to find it, I LOVE Misty Edwards and the scarf is AWESOME, your worship is beautiful!

  2. Your worship is beautiful but I have to say I love the dog behind you He is resting !!LOL!!

  3. O’ Meghan, such beautiful worship to our Lord. The wing is so beautiful. As I watched you worship, Holy Spirit was right here with me.

  4. That song is a fav of mine for sure. Really beautiful wing! Probably one of my fav color combos.

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