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Scarf for Each Child

A story from someone who got 6×24 scarves for each of their four children 🙂

It has been quite some time since I have been able to sit and email you. First and foremost thank you for the beautiful scarves you crafted for my children. It was a lovely experience watching them open their precious gifts from the Lord.

My youngest ones-the little princesses were so cute when they opened their gifts. My youngest immediately began to dance and sing her own little worship to the Lord. To see a child less than 2 years old worship God is amazing.

My other daughter spun around and danced with her “Jesus blankie”. At one point my youngest tried to snatch away her sister’s scarf and dance with that too.

Now they carry them to preschool everyday. I have them tied to their book bags. They never leave home without them.

My boys reacted a little differently of course. The youngest who is eight was amazed and said “mom this scarf Holy Fire means boldness and being fearless. This is awesome.” He keeps it on his dresser with his scarf letter.

My eldest boy-11- opened it and said “thanks mom” and that was it. He is a young man of few words. But I noticed a few days later the scarf was gone from the baggie and I as I secretly searched around his room I found it neatly tucked under his pillow with his letter. I know how important it must be to him b/c he keeps all his very precious things under his pillow out of reach of little toddler hands. This warmed my heart.

Thank you for your ministry.

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11 thoughts on “Scarf for Each Child

  1. These are so precious! I just love the young men’s reactions too. So interesting how different personalities and ages take them in. I got a lump in my throat over the eldest’s.

  2. I love it that they each got their own special gift & ‘word’ from the Lord! And how they recognized its value, treasuring & honoring their gift! Priceless!!!

  3. what a beautiful story of all 4 children and their scarf’s. I too was touched how the oldest took his scarf and placed it under his pillow, God is close to him 🙂 The youngest son will be reminded everytime he see’s his scarf how Gods loves him!! Little girls do react a little different when they get their new scarf’s. I know this because i blessed my grandchild last year with scarf’s. It is wonderful to watch the child put on their scarf and dance before Jesus. I think it is awesome that they carry them on their backbags with them everyday!!!! What a wonderful story of 4 children being touched by God

  4. My children’s pastor often says “The kids don’t have a junior Holy Spirit. They have the same Holy Spirit as all of us.” I was reminded of that reading your testimony. I love how children can freely express their love for the Lord, even if it’s a quiet tucking under the pillow. Very touching! 🙂

  5. I love that you got these gifts for them I am sure they will always cherish them. I love that your older son has it under his pillow. I sometimes sleep with a scarf on my pillow !! Each story about each child is so precious. God is so good !! So touched by this thank you for sharing !!

  6. I was especially touched by the response of the boys. How significant the words and scarves will be to them as they grow. God’s words for them are tangibly with these mighty men of God. May the seeds grow deep and strong. Thank you Jesus.

  7. Love this! The boys responded just like my husband:) I went to leave him a note and put it in his work bag–there I found his tucked away pocketsquare in a pocket in the bag. Beautiful.

  8. Wow, those are beautiful scarves Megan! What are their names?

  9. In order they are:
    A praise in all the earth
    Bursting forth
    Holy fire
    His presence

  10. That’s really cool. Its funny & neat that the outward reaction didn’t “match up” to the girls, but they treasured them just as much 🙂 Beautiful testimony!

  11. The second one looks like you can see a Seraph dragon (Isaiah 6:3) in it with the six wings outstretched. It could also be a sun too. It’s really cool!!

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