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More Swing Flags

People really liked the swing flags, so I thought I’d post a couple more videos of them in action.  Again, I am by NO means an expert (especially with two) – to see what someone well-practiced and anointed can do, make sure you see Caleb in action.

One of the pairs is the Holy Fire style which you saw in some video of wings just recently.

The music is from the live worship album Speak to the Dreams, which contains original and spontaneous songs from my church (it’s my pastor, Jim Stern, singing the lead).  I highly recommend it, but I may be biased ;) You can get it on iTunes.

View Swing Flags

8 thoughts on “More Swing Flags

  1. Oh Meghan! I think you do just fine with them! Very well indeed. I so love how these flags move and the colors on these are just spectacular.

  2. Just beautiful !!!! You do a beautiful job worshiping !!

  3. They are beautiful Meghan and so are YOU!!!

  4. Beautiful and fun!

  5. Hard to sit and watch this and not make an unwise decision to splurge and buy a pair. Maybe I need to fast the blog, lol. It’s overly tempting! 😉 These are such an incredible flow of power in the Holy Spirit!

  6. Amanda-totally understand! I keep thinking birthday present—but then I am reminded even with that definitely NOT in budget! All in His timing, right??

  7. I love these swing flags….you have sparked an interest in my 7 yr old grandaughter. The other day she said she picked up her coat which is hot pink from her knee and when she did she saw a vision of a camp fire! Holy Spirit moment!

  8. I was just watching this clip again and I love the look of the 2 swing flags together, BEAUTIFUL!!! I remember Caleb all so worshiped with 2 together.

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