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Powerful Spiritual Weapon

You may remember my post of the Covenant vision come to life, well this is a story of what happened once the recipient actually had the silk in her hands.  Here she tells her story:

I am the one with the Covenant veil. I am sending you this picture as a personal testimony of using the Covenant veil during our worship service. This image has not been altered by any means. It was taken from my digital camera during our worship service by my husband. It was a special night to me, since it was the first time I used the veil to dance in church with it.

I’m the one on the left, and I’m holding the veil worshiping our Lord with the others members of our dance ministry. As we lift up our veils in worship we declared that His present manifest in our midst in a mighty way. We were opening the heavens with our worship when my husband took this picture. You can clearly see that a fiery sword is coming out of my Covenant veil as I lifted it up as a worship offering.

The anointing that we felt that night was so powerful and so overwhelming. It truly was an amazing experience. When I showed this picture to our pastors and the rest of the members of our dance ministry, they were amazed on how the Lord’s presence manifested through our worship during the service.

I honestly thank you for all of the effort that you put in creating this powerful weapon in the heavenlies. His promises are always loyal, truthful and amazing. My desire on that night was to release His presence in our service in a way that everyone could feel it, see it and appreciate how great our God is. He did surprise us with this beautiful image of His glory. How wonderful is to serve Him in spirit and in truth.

Double rainbows, promises reassured and double the anointing flowing from this Covenant veil. To God be all the glory!!!!

Happy to see how God responded to our prayers!!!

Thank you Meghan!

Since I have a degree in photography and having worked in a photo lab for over a decade, I confess I sometimes struggle when people feel like supernatural things have been caught by the lens – especially when I understand technical reasons for why it may be there. At the same time I know the Lord can speak to us in many different ways – and in the same way people see images in the patterns in their silk, I believe God can allow people to be encouraged by what they see in an image and that He can use it to bring confirmation of what was happening in the spiritual realm as He did here.  I love how God loves to speak to His children, He loves us so 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Powerful Spiritual Weapon

  1. Wow !! God inhabits the praise of His people !! Thank you for sharing !! This is so amazing the glory of God is present and His anointing does break the yoke !! Thank you God for touching your people !!

  2. I so appreciate this article on many levels. I am excited that the Holy Spirit used both your prophetic vision and technical skills for a balanced view of this photo.

    I capture photos much like this one all the time. I do believe it is as you say, that our Father is encouraging us to ‘see’ what is going on in the spiritual realm. I also have a yet not completely formed understanding that He, the Father of Light, is allowing these images to be captured in order to train our eyes to better and more quickly see into the ‘unseen’ realm ~ the world that IS alive and active all around us all the time ~ for some reason, He desires that more and more people are able to see into that realm.

    All that being said ~ that is an AWESOME photo ~ I feel the movement, the power, the majesty of the moment in an instant. I reckon if we were to use your color chart we would even find a ‘message’ here just in the colors themselves.

    I love you, Meghan, and thank God for all He is doing on this earth through you.

  3. I think it is so cool to see a “cloud of glory” and then see Him in the midst of it. (Yes–I know it is probably a pastor or worship leader in the picture, but that’s what I got when I viewed this picture!) God uses all types of things to speak to us! 🙂

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