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Semicircle Flag

I realized yesterday that though I offer the wing/flag seam for the semicircles, I’ve never done a demo of what the semicircle looks like as a flag.  It’s not long like the 45×108, which makes it much harder to get tangled on itself 🙂  Because of it’s size it still gives a big feel.

This particular semicircle you’ve seen before as a wing and a voi. Fun to see all the options you can have out of one piece of silk – and this doesn’t include simply dancing with it with no poles/sticks/voi or wearing it (which I do!).

The music is a song called You are Holy from Christ for the Nations 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Semicircle Flag

  1. I was wondering about that. It’s different. I like the healing colors. (some new ones are sitting on my counter from last night)

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Love the difference–somuch versatility with just one scarf!

  4. Nice!!

  5. Different but really fun! You have some super high ceilings, girl.

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