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Promise Over a Husband

Scarf stories like this remind me why I love my job! I ask that as you read, you come into prayerful agreement with the word the Lord gave this woman about her husband. And for those who don’t know why this hits so close to home for me, you may want to read my marriage testimony too!

I ordered this scarf because I wanted something to go under my husband’s pillow. Something that would capture him. I really thought I would get a scarf that would kinda tell about who God had planned him to be. Like a proclamation. However I didn’t tell Meghan at all what I wanted this scarf for or why I was ordering it… nor did she ask me.

Well a couple of days ago… as my husband was watching Ghost Whisperer (Back to back episodes on Netflix) I smelt this smell as I was standing in the kitchen that smelt like someone was smoking weed or pot right next to me. You can imagine my surprise when I smelt this… No one in my home does drugs. Instantly I asked Holy Spirit “What is that.” He proceeded to tell me it was Sorcery… I had a spirit of sorcery in my home do to what My husband was watching.

Now… Not too long ago God had shown me how we give authority to things… and one of the things that we can give authority to is the TV. When we watch things in our home we are agreeing with it and allowing it complete authority in our home. So my husband was literally allowing this spirit to come into our home.

Just after smelling this smell my husband became very mad about something, I won’t go into detail. He became so mad that his whole body was shaking, his face turned red, and he could not control himself. After all of these happenings I, of course, asked Holy Spirit “What do I do.” He told me to “Rebuke it.” And I did.

Over the next couple of Day’s I was inquiring of Holy Spirit what to do… I got the impression that he would lead me to keep my house clean and pure. However, I finally told God that I was going to save up money in an account of my own over the next couple of months and divorce my husband. I told him I couldn’t live this way anymore and I couldn’t see my husband coming to know Holy Spirit the way that I know him. I was praying that this would be the way out and that I would be on the right page with God. (I must let it be said that biblically I do have the right to divorce my husband at this point. However I don’t want to go into detail on that.) To my surprise Holy Spirit said “Wait until the scarf gets here.”

So today on my lunch I went to get the scarf… It wasn’t what I thought it would be. It was greater… it is my promise that I need from my friend Holy Spirit. My husband will come to know him as I know him, he will have one heart with me and joined with Holy Spirit in love. Can’t stop crying. 🙂

Thank you Meghan…

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9 thoughts on “Promise Over a Husband

  1. I agree with you that your husband will come into alignment and full knowledge of the Holy Spirit and be joined with you and Him in unity.

  2. This touched my heart so so much….I am dealing with almost the same thing with my husband…He admits to hearing demons speak to him about what is to happen to our family and instead of speaking the word…Or not listening to these voices, he chooses his way…We are recently separated and I know what has been spoken over my husband and the ministry we have been called in so I do not want this marriage over with….I love Him with all of my heart and I know that he carries a spirit of rebellion….I totally trust God with all of my heart and know that His ways are not my ways….So I stand encouraged today that God is listening and cares for us and our husbands!!!!

  3. I agree also. It has been a great gift to me to see my own husband slowly turning to know the Lord. There were so many points where he thought me a fool (begin with creationism) and the Lord would intervene with something in the perfect form to change his heart. God is faithful!

  4. Standing!!!! This story touched me also as there are many similarities in my household as well. As for me and my house, we shall serve the LORD. No weapon formed against us shall prosper . Greater is He who lives in me than he who is in the world.

    Father, right now in the name of Jesus, I declare and decree a spirit of unity among this marriage. I plead your blood over this husband, wife, family and household. Father I release your angels in the heavenlies to war on behalf of this family and the other marriages that have been touched by this story. Father, I thank you that we have the victory in you. May we all stand together, as a part of your body, your kingdom daughters calling forth peace, wholeness, restoration, love and unity. Amen!!!

  5. I do stand in agreement for this women of God and her husband. As I was reading this testimony the song by Leeland “Holy Spirit Have Your Way” came on. It wasn’t be accident, God is moving. I Pray that this Husband will lay his life down, I pray that Holy Spirit will touch this man and he will lay his live down for him, just has Jesus laid his live down for us. I pray that he surrends ALL for him. I know that he is touching him right now. God is drawing him closer to HIM everyday. Papa have your way with him, draw him to you, open his eyes Lord, let him hear your voice. We give you all the Praise and Glory. Thank you Lord for all that you are doing and for the things to come. In Jesus name, Amen

  6. Father in Jesus name release your presence in this home so fully that this husband can’t be comfortable until he surrenders. I ask special protection on this wife and sister, hallelujah to your name most high God our Deliverer and Redeemer. Sister I am in full agreement with you and the rest of our sisters in Christ, only total surrender will be accepted. I am laughing out loud because we just recently ended a revival and the evangelist was praying over me and he was speaking about my family member whom I have been praying over and he said “Father they can run but they can’t hide.” This husband’s days are numbered and he just doesn’t know it, he might as well give up now.

  7. Standing in full agreement for a harmonious marriage, one heart, one purpose and one destiny, to love God will all of thier hearts, to love others as themselves. to join together in such power of unity with prayer. I pray that everything that has been stolen, time, dreams, ministries, are restored 7 fold! I bind this husbands will, mind and emotions to the will of God, and I loose satan’s infulence and sway over him right now. Abba I ask You to send Your Grace and Mercy to this wife. I ask You to be her husband until her husband is Yours. I ask you to give her Your eyes to see her husband with and I ask that You give her husband Your eyes to see her with. I ask In Jesus Name.

  8. I am in agreement and got revelation on some things myself THANK YOU, GOD BLESS YOU, THIS MAN OF GOD IS A MIGHTY WARRIOR and in such HE WILL BRING MANY WITH HIM TO THE KINGDOM of HEAVEN SALVATION to MANY in JESUS NAME!

  9. I recognize that silk and come into agreement with what the Holy Spirit is doing. His promises are real and full of life, love and liberty. May His promise come quickly as He weaves the tapestry of your hearts to the eternal love that comes from the very source of His own heart. I intentionally choose to stand in the gap for a marriage to be ripped from the clutches of destruction and made wholly new in the marital relationship that Papa God intended from the beginning. There is a love that is stronger then death, and jealousy demanding as the grave, and I call on that now in the name of Jesus to breath new life, new fire and an awakening of this mans spirit to the call of the truest, deepest love of his life… Jesus. Thank you for your covenant with us and we declare experiential knowledge of Your love over this man and an even deeper intimacy with You over this woman, that You will be glorified in them, over them and through them.

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