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Passion Fire Flag

A special order silk crepe 45×90″ flag in the Passion Fire style – I’m loving this!  Some of you may remember the Lord gave me this style in a dream 🙂

I confess because of the weight of this guy, if I get to vigorous it goes flying, but I’ve found a small rubberband reinforcing the elastic grip seems to take care of that problem.

Music is Rick Pino off Angel of Awakening.

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13 thoughts on “Passion Fire Flag

  1. love it! one of these days I’ll get my voi set of this

  2. Oh my, my, my!!! This is just so beautiful! The video is awesome too love how it moves!

  3. Oh hearing the silk “snap” on some of those turns!!! Passionate and vigorous! Taking ground, setting souls on fire for Him!!!!

  4. Wow

  5. Hello Meghan,

    This seems to be being used as a the sword one that I saw and told you about; and looks just like it too… WOW! Cool! 🙂 At :11 seconds it looks exactly like the one I saw and told you about.

    Many blessings!
    T 🙂

  6. VEry Beautiful

  7. I love the movement of the color…

  8. Beautiful flag!!

  9. awesome I like this!!

  10. awesome flag, awesome song!!

  11. Good morning! I’m really interested in ordering a 35×84. I lo-o-o-ove this passion fire but will order your prophetic dying (i’m all about the warfare battle, but if the Lord prefers a flag of rest, i’m down with that!).

    My question is a flag seam vs. a wing seam for a flag of this size. do you think one is better than the other?



  12. @Christie – Mostly it is just preference and space where it will be used. Wings aren’t great in close corporate spaces – too easy to smack someone with, but if you have the space to work they’re lovely and can visually be beautiful and more interesting because of the varied movement. 

    Flag seam could be used with a dowel (but makes a pretty long flag) or as a small banner flag on a 10′ pole. So you have some variety. 

    You could always go with a wing/flag combo and give yourself both options! But that many seams may inhibit it’s look as a wearable scarf 🙂 So again, all about preference 😉

  13. i’ll try to type this up today regarding Passionate Pursuit. I met with my dear friends, CJ & Lanita Gaul who were having a meeting in their home regarding how to break the chains of guilt and shame. (it’s truly amazing how deep some of these feelings are, things that started fromthe womb). Lanita, who was running the class, mentioned how the Lord passionately pursues us… and this scarf is really starting to take on a life of its own. i looked down at it and it began to make more sense.

    i have great anticipation of the freedom it will bring to our brothers and sisters… and the lost who have yet to meet Him.

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