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Semicircle Flag/Wing/Voi Pair

Really loved getting to work with these versatile 5mm semicircles!  They’ve had wing/flag combo seams added and have a pair of matching voi weights giving them 3 ways they can be used (4 if you include dancing with them by themselves!).

The music is a song called When You Walk In, which was birthed as a spontaneous song during a prayer room set on my birthday in 2008.  You’re hearing it here off the live album recorded at Destiny Church called Speak to the Dreams – it’s a great album, so you may want to consider getting it 😉

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10 thoughts on “Semicircle Flag/Wing/Voi Pair

  1. Wow. Love the versatility of these. Beautiful.

  2. I love how the colors are so big and independent. I see Shekina Glory (yellow), a double portion of the Blood, healing (teal) and revelation of the Lord (blue)… the green looks to me to be a quick healing, transitioning between the Revelation of the Lord and exploding into His Glory. I love now the red is flanked by the royalness of His person, purple.

    i want to wrap myself up in this, blasting John Belt for a week solid.

  3. These are beautiful!!!

  4. TOTALLY diggin the wings!!!!! The colors are GORGEOUS!!!!

  5. These flow beautifully….my mind imagines many different colors for this one. I assume these can be made in any of your existing designs or colors. Very nice.

  6. As I watch, the Holy Spirit filled me with overwhelming peace, joy & love. And He whispered to me “Angel Wings”. Blessings to you. Shalom, Cathy

  7. Awesome!

  8. Hi Meghan! As always I would love to come worship with you for an afternoon but the commute would be a killer from Idaho! I love the first one….wings? Those were so cool!! Reminded me of butterflies which are very near and dear to my heart. I also love the vibrancy of the colors you and He have chosen.

  9. Thanks Meghan! It was a great blessing to watch this when I got home from work today!!!

  10. God has blessed you with a wonderful talent….you can blend color like none I gave seen before..keep up the good work,, be BLESSED in all you so!

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