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Beginning of Dyed4you

A note from my hubby about Dyed4you 🙂

Meghan, I remember when you first came to me about dying scarves. I thought it was totally crazy and quite silly. However, I did not want to go against Holy Spirit, since He always seems knows more than me… 🙂

Now look at Dyed4you!!! I would’ve never imagined it. Of course, the vision was for you to see and for me to agree, encourage, and stand with you.

Thank you to all who have been blessed by my wife’s gift. I pray that the Father will bless and keep all of you. Shalom

Thank you Lord for giving me Allen who supports me and the vision You’ve placed in my heart!

I should probably add that in the beginning I used the linoleum entryway floor as my dyeing “table” and the white living room carpet as my “seat” – and bear in mind all this with a 100+lb dog wandering around and at that time I solely used a technique that required leaving them for 24 hrs.  Allen extended MUCH grace!  And by the grace of God I didn’t get dye anywhere it wasn’t supposed to be 😉

Hear the WHOLE story

7 thoughts on “Beginning of Dyed4you

  1. And we pray that Meghan and Allen will be blessed!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! 😀

  3. LOL…so maybe “beautiful” isn’t the best adjective??? 😉 More like, “whew! glad that whole thing worked out!”

  4. What a beautiful testimony! Look where God has taken you and he still has more in plan for you. I am not sure how I missed this one. I pray showers of blessing over your ministry and marriage. ♥ you Meghan

  5. This pops into my head “You’ve come a long way baby!” Wow. Can’t imagine those begining processes. Thank you Lord for Allen and his willingness to submit to the Holy Spirit even when he couldn’t see the vision. Now THAT is faith!

  6. Haha! Awesome! Papa God has truly blessed you with a friend and partner in all of this!

  7. Wonderful testimony

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