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Confirmation, Healing & Intimacy

Testimonies like this are always such a blessing – what a wonderful God we serve!

Now on to the important part of the scarf you sent me and how it was such a confirmation of my life and what God is doing with me. The name of it is “Abiding Worship.”

The scripture you gave me was exact one that He spoke to indicate to me with He was doing in me. (John 15: 1-17) My cry has been for more of an increase and greater freedom in intimacy in worship with Him.

Besides the main color of royal blue being my absolute favorite color in the world you used lavender representing intimacy. He has very recently revealed a hidden place in me that needed deep healing to release that greater intimacy with Him and I believe the ministry of the scarf is a vessel that is complementing His work in bringing that about in my life.

I am touched and bless the accuracy of your prophetic ministry. I have to tell you there is not a time that I put it around me, that don’t immediately feel the rush of His presence. It is amazing experience in Him!! Thanks so much for all the time, heart prayers and His Spirit you put into each of these scarves.

On another encouraging note, I was watching Kim Clement whose testimony lead me to you in the first place. I heard him read your testimony online and wow it was awesome and I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t have orders coming from all over the planet after his prophesying in regards to your ministry and as he called them, mantles. How glorious!!

God will continue to pour out and prosper you beyond your wildest dreams. God bless you richly. All for His Glory

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6 thoughts on “Confirmation, Healing & Intimacy

  1. I love rading the testimonies of those who received the scarves you create. Our God truly is an AWESOME God!!!!!!!!

    May He continue to bless your ministry, your heart, your mind and your soul!



  2. Another beautiful affirming touch from our Father! I never tire of reading them or seeing the beautiful scarves.

  3. i used to say of the first person who’d exposed me to flag worship that “she could put a pillow case on a stick and worhship the Lord” … yours is a much finer pedigree in terms of providing worship tools that hail back thousands of years.

    to the Royal Blue lady! this reminded me of the comment Meghan had made about blue being the Lord’s royal colour, rather than man’s royal colour of purple … you look gorgeous and regal with your scarf!!

  4. I agree with Christie—what a beautiful picture of a righteous daughter of the King of Kings!!! May you reach new heights and new intimacy with Him that will leave you in awe! 🙂

    Meghan, what a personal Father we have! Blessings to you as you faithfully hear Him and follow Him step by step!

  5. Lovely confirmation and it looks beautiful on her 🙂

  6. Such a beautiful scarf for a beautiful lady of God. I pray that you have a deeper relationship with Our heavenly Father, He is waiting for all of us to have that relationship. God Bless you and blessing on Dyed4you ministries

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