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Flagging at the Park

You’ve seen the flags used in this video in previous posts, but when we went flagging at the park I couldn’t resist sharing them again.  Also included is a compilation of blowing the shofar at the park – for those who enjoy the shofar!

So the first flag is Passion Fire, a special order silk crepe 45×90″ flag. The other pair of flags are a 35×84 with 2 flag seams added.

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13 thoughts on “Flagging at the Park

  1. oh WOW! a – great warrior stances! did he ever do martial arts? and b … what a FUN way to minister together. DAHAHAH! blessings!

  2. @Christie – Nope never opened a door to the enemy doing martial arts.

    It was an awesome day 🙂 I love my husband!

  3. ooooh HEY. the pair of flags reminded me of this: do you know what signal flags are? They are used by the Navy on ships & submarines to spell out stuff and communicate messages. That is what Allen looked like to me: soldier signaling the Lord.

  4. @Christie – Lol I TOTALLY had the same thought 🙂

  5. A shofar gadol.. sounded like a call to worship.. there just isnt a more moving sound to me… I loved listneing to it..

  6. Wow! Quite inspirational!

  7. The Shofar really seems to speak to the soul, like a wake up call. No wonder it is mentioned in Thessalonians as the trumpet that will wake the dead.

  8. What a great way to worship the Lord together and send time with each other in His presence. Way cool Meghan!

  9. Just now saw this! SO goose-bumpy if that is a word! Loved the strength and boldness of Allen as he wielded his weapons of praise! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  10. What a wonderful reminder of how powerful the sound of the shofar is… My third reminder in three weeks that mine has sat silent for several months…. Thank You so much for sharing!

  11. I loved watching this… Loved it.

  12. Those flags were gorgeous, and DANG that’s a set of LUNGS if I ever heard em !

  13. I loved the red flag it sounded like flames from a large fire as he waved it through the air. I also enjoyed the birds chirping in the background.

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