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Mighty Swing Flags

Just wanted you to see how this pair moved, poor hubby was not feeling well and it shows so go easy on him! But wow these swing flags came out beautifully 🙂

View Swing Flags

9 thoughts on “Mighty Swing Flags

  1. you ain’t kiddin’… those swing flags are just… completely off the chain. i can’t even explain it – just LOVE them! thanks for demonstrating Allen!!!

  2. and praying you feel better & get some rest 🙂

  3. Beatiful and I pray that the sweet aroma Alan carried flows back and brings immediate restoration to a tired and weary body!

  4. Tired or not the heart was willing and the flags a beauty! Nice job Allen on the demo!

  5. They remind me of butterfly wings. Great job Alan and Meghan; blessings to you both.

  6. They are Beautiful!!! Thank you Allen 🙂 You may not have been feeling well, but as soon as I clicked the video I could feel Holy Spirit all around me. I sensed a washing over you and peace. Take care and get some rest. The little demo was amazing!!!!

  7. The flags are beautiful! Allen I pray for restoration and healing for you!


  8. Wow! Those are amazing! Would love to see them “live”. Bless you both!

  9. Good Job Allen. The flags are nice.

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