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Fun Purchase & Vision Confirmation

You may remember these swing flags from the demo my hubby did.  This ended up being such a fun story and was a totally fun interaction on a swing flag pair purchase.  I’ll let her begin the story…

Some time ago I had an awake dream where the Lord took a big sidewalk chalk and drew a red line on my left palm and a blue line on my right palm. I exited the dream and asked what it meant. No answer.

Many times over the course of the next months I would remember that dream and ask what it meant. Finally the Lord disclosed it to me. The red represented my passion and anointing for worship. The blue represented the prophetic seer anointing that He has given me. He also showed me that when red and blue mix together it creates purple, royalty, which is similar to what my name means in Greek.

I later start seeing myself in the Spirit waving “ribbons” of blue and red above my head. I was thinking about making some type of a ribbon to wave but never felt lead to go in that direction.

Time goes by and the Lord starts speaking to me about green. There is an intercessory flavor attached to it but it is wrapped in a puzzle. One night I get curious and I do an internet search. I stumble upon and start becoming fascinated by the scarves but even more than the scarves I am utterly intrigued by the swing flags (even though I have never done anything with a flag before).

I wanted to order that night but I thought I better not impulse buy so I waited. In the morning I was talking with a friend who loves dancing/flags and the like and I had an overwhelming sense to order the flags. So I did. I was hesitant about having them prophetically dyed. My hang up was “what if they are ugly!” I basically asked you (Meghan) what to do.

So I get this email from her uncertain how to proceed and I told her what I tell everyone who is struggling with control – “unless the Lord is specifically telling you what to get, I strongly encourage you to let Him lead 🙂 So pray and see what He specifies (if anything)… then let me know!”

In a moment of faith and breaking away from my “always in control” self I said to go ahead with prophetically dyeing them. I simply had to trust. I would have loved to lie and say that God has shown me this and that and then I would know that they would turn out beautiful but that was not a true option for me.

I responded and told her that I actually had a pair ironed and set out ready to dye for myself and they’d been sitting waiting for me to do them for a week, but I never felt a release. The previous night I felt like He said they were going to someone else and just hours later she ordered… I encouraged her to feel confident, God had this one covered and had good stuff planned. Little did I know!  She responded with:

Wow. Maybe God does have a hand in this! In my God time after ordering I was fervently praying about the flags. “Oh dear God, please do not let them be ugly. And I would like them to have red and blue. Maybe purple. Green too. And yellow if it is just a little bit.” I also prayed that somehow Isaiah 61 or Joshua (aka ME) would come through in the flags.

As I was praying I “saw” wavy lines and in between the lines I saw color (red, blue, green, purple) filled in. I thought nothing of it especially since it was not clear until I saw a picture of the flags you posted on Facebook. My jaw about hit the floor when they had lines with color filled in between.

One of your (Meghan’s) comments was, “The ones on the back are a variation of Mighty in Battle. I just “saw” this pattern. Now I’m praying over if they’re for the person who ordered swing flags, or if they’re supposed to be for someone else!”

Another comment was about how they look like butterfly wings. I think that was the Holy Spirit giving me a little tickle. He has been talking to me about butterflies lately and my current season is represented by a butterfly.

I wanted to so badly post “they’re for the person who ordered swing flags!” but never felt released to do so. That is when you emailed me asking for my input, which I absolutely loved.

I had to email her to ask for her input because there was a blemish in one of the silks. Nothing that was visible when they were in use, but it was there nonetheless and when you pay as much as a pair of swing flags cost, they shouldn’t have blemishes!  I was SO discouraged and unsure what to do. Then the Lord gave me total peace and clarity… let HER choose. So I emailed her and gave her the option of keeping the ones with the blemish (to which I added a scarf as a gift) or I could dye a new and different pair.

[Noteworthy prophetic principle follows] For some reason when I send emails like this I always think the person is going to be offended at being brought in on the process.  Some people in ignorance assume prophetic is supposed to be like psychic where I know everything, but it is NOT!  I know only the pieces the Lord gives me and sometimes He tells me to get a piece from somebody else.

In this instance not only was she not offended, but she responded by saying, “I LOVE being included! I think this is the most fun I have EVER had buying ANYTHING before.”  🙂

Then she began explaining why and she shared some of what’s included above.  And then she remarked on the colors and I had to explain there was no green or purple in them… the green is where turquoise mixed with the golden yellow and the purple is the electric blue mixing with the fuchsia (which technically is called fuchsia red). I explained it’s what I call the “God factor” (how things blend and mix) because I can’t control it (even if I wanted).  It turned out even how the colors blended was significant, which she told me about.

Perfect! Purple is important to me because of the mixing that God already talked to me about. And the green is such a cool bonus (which is exactly how I feel about it’s connection to intercessor for me).

(Then after the scarf arrived) When I read about the scarf I couldn’t breathe. The verse that went with it was Isaiah 61. I think the blemish was used to get me the scarf that quoted my verse. The message with the flags is perfect. I have had many words/pictures from God and from other people about being a warrior. Perfect.

As I sit here and write this I realize you used golden yellow. Fun. God showed me a “mantle” and it’s colors looked green, yellow, and brown. When I was thinking about the yellow I was wondering if it was a more golden yellow. The next day God used GOLDEN rod to talk to me about those colors.

So THANK you for your ministry. Thank you for you. This has truly been the best experience buying anything I have ever had. I am already thinking of what I will get next (wings perhaps?) I will be bringing the flags to church tomorrow night so I will have to let you know about that. I have had a great time going into the state park near me and flagging under the trees with the stream nearby. I feel so alive!

She took the time to do a BUNCH of videos – so here’s what I did. If you only have time to watch one, watch the top one. But if you wanna sit and soak and see ’em all, click the bottom one which is a playlist and has all 9 songs 🙂  Enjoy!

View swing flags

22 thoughts on “Fun Purchase & Vision Confirmation

  1. Wow, not only are the flags gorgeous, but is she sure she didn’t already test em out in the Spirit before she got em? It’s like she was made to swing flag haha it’s awesome!

  2. I totally and completely loved this testimony. Our God is amazing, awesome and so totally cool. I love the way He gives us clues and sets us on the path of discovery. Not only for ourselves, but involving others and then including even still more by letting them hear, or in this case, see and read the story.

    Thank you for sharing all these wondrous details with us and including the videos. I feel lighter and free for just having watched. Blessings to y’all!

  3. Oh…one of the meanings of 9 is birthing….it looks like a swing flagger was born right before us.

  4. @Tonia – Lol amen!!! Love it 🙂

  5. And she seriously has never used flags before!? Well obviously the Holy Spirit was working through her cause I couldn’t notice a difference! It is obvious she was meant to have them and what glorious worship to our amazing God and King!

  6. Fantastic story! This exemplifies why following what Yehovah does is so much fun! HE does stuff we’d never think of. Beautiful job- Everyone!

  7. wow, just WOW to the both of you!! Allissa, how right you are: ordering in the prophetic is FUN. and a bit unprecidented… meghan, i’m not sure if i’ve ever heard of a business like yours. i love how the Lord got you out of the job, increased your faith when you had the mortgage due and birthed this incredible thing that is a ministry. i’m so inspired. i haven’t thanked you in the last hour…. so THANK YOU for what you do!!

  8. ALLISSA!!!!!! what an incredible flagger you are!!!! whippin’ those things like SWORDS in the spirit!!! Mighty in Battle… how… prophetic LOLOLOL.

  9. ALLISSA!!! I can’t believe this! I love your story. I can’t believe I actually found you here on this site. I was just looking quick, and I saw the term,”awake dream” and knew it was you! Oh, I want a scarf!!!

  10. Wow !!! I am going to have to pray about ordering some swing flags. After watching her video to the song “Break Every Chain” it has inspired me to want to try some swing flags. That was beautiful. Alissa it looks like you have been doing this along time. What an anointing you have.

  11. Wow! Thank you everyone for your comments! I have had prophetic words recently from people who don’t know me about being “overlooked” so your comments have been a HUGE blessing!

    I really had never done swing flags before. Wen I ordered them I basically said, “Holy Spirit since You are getting me into this You will have to teach me!”
    I only did them a handful of times before I shot the first 2 videos (the ones in my apartment). I wanted SOMETHING shot for Meghan to use. I was disappointed in the lighting so I made it a point to get out to my forest to shoot some additional ones. I will say I am mesmerized by myself. That is ME?! Wow! God is so awesome!
    God is so fun. I am glad He makes such a variety of ways we can worship and praise Him!

  12. Oh ALLISSA dear, you are NOT overlooked. Papa God not only SOO premeditated the day you were born (He knit you in your mother’s womb) but He has a specific plan not to harm you but to prosper you, for a hope and a future(Jer 29:11)! You are soo on His mind! Yes you, are in His thoughts. You are not in the shadows but right in the forefront in the light. That’s what it’s like to be a child of the king (Rom 8:15) you walk in the light(Psa 89:15; 1 Jo 1:7)!

    Again I’m astounded you only practiced a couple of times and off you went, wow it’s like the glove effect! A perfect fit haha He’s revealing in you what He made you for! No matter who sees you worship, you will always have that audience of one, and He’s smiling and applauding His princess’ heart for Jesus in praise! Whatever you do don’t stop haha! Keep shining!

    Isaiah 60:1-2 “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and his glory appears over you.”

  13. I am praising right along with you, Allissa! I LOVE that moment where you pull the 2nd flag out…it’s like, “Whoa! She has 2!” People are going to be soooo blessed by your prophetic worship with these flags. Thank you so much, both Allissa & Meghan, for including such a detailed story. This is just such a “God thing” to read, we all get to experience the awe-struck feeling you had during the whole process, and I’m so glad that you were obedient to share the story with the rest of us. Thank you both!

  14. What a very long and nnice story. so cool to see your vision come to life.

  15. What a very long and nnice story. so cool to see your vision come to life. I don’t have the prophetic gifting and I am kind of scared of it because of all the crazy ones who claim to be prophets and are not. Wonderful story though. However, I do seem to have dreams where i am playing around in my old history classroom from high school. I also at times have a longing to be in there or just with those kids to try and reach them. I do not know what exactly the dreams are trying to tell me. All I know is there is a longing in me to be over there again and to be able to use my artist gifting in Heaven. Every so often the dreams will recur. If only I knew exactly what they were saying. Maybe the place is to be my prayer closet? I don’t know. Anyway, Your story of the flags is so wonderful. May EHYEH Elohim (the L-rd) continue to use you how he wants.

  16. I love these flags. I love her story. They remind me of butterflies, which are my favorites. I have 3 tattooed on my arm that represent my grandkids. I do flags at church and would like to eventually purchase a pair of these flags. They are all so beautiful. I’ve told my friend, who also does flags abot your facebook page. She loves your flags, also.
    Thank you, Jeannie

  17. @Tabitha – I don’t think it is to be your prayer closet because that should be someplace you have constant access to so you can be there daily. Not sure about the dreams, but know if you seek the Lord, He will be faithful to reveal what you need to know in His timing. So I encourage you to seek Him above everything else 🙂

  18. Thanks so much for your honesty and detail of this story. I have heard the exact same thing from others who are talking about ordering scarves. But when we trust God He is faithful. So so cool how God has his hand in all of this story. Thanks for taking the time to let us all share in the whole story from start to finish. I loved it. Yay God!

  19. Would love to know the music that you were flagging to.

  20. @Donelda – If you visit her YouTube channel she gives the names 🙂

  21. love this story also. they are all so Him. I think my fav part of this is the prophetic interaction that occurred. I know the Lord wants all of us to hear Him and I love love love the ease with which Meghan shares her prophetic annointing and draws us into the process. Alissa, you are truly born to worship, an incredible gifting and an awesome place to always be.

  22. Allissa, you make it look so easy. I recently received a pair of swing flags. I hope with some practice I can be half as good as you are with them. You are truly anointed! What a joy it is to watch you.

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