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Introducing Stonewashed Silk & Tassels

So excited about the new Stonewashed Silk!  It’s been frustrating to really only have the silk/wool blend option for guys when the texture dulled the colors and typically the shrinkage was significant (now silk/wool is only available via special order). This new Stonewashed Silk is a great option for guys (as you can see from my hubby wearing his!) 🙂

The texture of the Stonewashed Silk is a buttery, suede-like feel and it has a luxurious drape because of its heavy weight.  The colors dye rich and vibrant, and it has a very muted sheen because of the stone-washing; the texture is similar to brushed cotton in appearance, so definitely not “too shiny” for a fella!

The other new product is tassels (and in the pictures you can see the Hebrew lettering option we added in June too). These biblical (but non-traditional) tassels can be added to the four corners of your silk and will be dyed to match (always leaving one blue thread in each tassel as per Numbers 15:38).

Since adding the tassels occurs post-initial-dyeing, you can have these added to silks you’ve already purchased if you so desire.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

View Stonewashed Silk / Tassels / Hebrew Lettering

11 thoughts on “Introducing Stonewashed Silk & Tassels

  1. I love the look of the stonewashed silk for men. The Hebrew lettering and tassels is a really nice touch as well.

  2. That picture looks SO awesome!

  3. Wow, what an amazing scarf. The color is gorgeous!

  4. Really a great look for a guy and I am so glad you found an alternative for the wool. The colors are just beautiful, or maybe I should say handsome. 🙂

  5. Awesome! Yay God:)

  6. Would you happen to have any sort of on line reference to read up on regarding the tassels? in the past, i’ve had a hard time finding a website that wasn’t ultra religion-y and i’m wanting to study this. or, at a local shop around Columbus, talits were sold with hebrew lettering… but the explanations were in hebrew!! i had not a clue what it was saying!

    i love the points you make about the tassels and want to be very thorough in my understanding and history. lots to pray about!! (Gosh, that blue is just captivating)

  7. @Christie – Nothing further than the scripture I quote 🙂 We’ve followed scripture, but not tradition. If you want to know more about tradition, you can look up “tzitzit” on Wikipedia 🙂

  8. Great find! Yay God!

  9. These are really beautiful- my list just keeps getting longer!

  10. So nice to see you making prayer shawls with tzitzit.

  11. Prophetically dyed awesome. Perhaps after Israel I will make start thinking seriously about speaking to thee about a custom dye. My prayer life is getting stronger, so the ownership of a prayer mantle is becoming a reality.

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