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Machine Edges

This is just a quick heads-up.  For the last 5 years the bulk of the silks Dyed4you has sold have hand-rolled, hand-sewn edges.  Regrettably, this is an art that seems to be dying off and so our supplier will be slowly transitioning from hand-rolled, hand-sewn edges to machine-sewn edges. As they make this shift, we will have to as well.

One of the other kickers with this is the new edges cost more (not sure how that works, but apparently it does). It’s not a huge difference, but it is a difference – so be aware that as we make the transition you will see the shift in pricing as well.

If you are a huge fan of the hand-rolled, hand-sewn edges, I suggest you get them now while we still can!

The images below show the difference. The one on the left is the ones we currently sell, the ones on the right are the ones we’ll be shifting to.  If you have questions, let us know!

Thank you as always for your support of this ministry 🙂

6 thoughts on “Machine Edges

  1. Your talent and gifting are what I’m looking for!

  2. Elaine, I was thinking the same thing. The gift that God has blessed her with, the beautiful words that come with the Beautiful silk. God bless you Meghan. ♥ you

  3. Agree with Elaine and Tami. Blessings to you Meghan.

  4. Do the different ways of finishing the edges make a difference in how a flag flies…either for swing flags or the big flags on poles?

  5. @Jessica – Nope. Only thing that changes the way it flies it is if it’s serged instead of rolled/folded and sewn. The serged edge is lighter and flutters more 🙂

  6. Thanks, Meghan!

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