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Wait Upon the Lord Wing

This 5mm semicircle with a wing seam added is in the Wait Upon the Lord style, which is very personal to me since I was the first person to receive the word that went with this style (read the scarf story). It also is the style used in the Dyed4you Art image Watchmen.

The music is my friend Ariel Henry live from the Destiny Church Prayer Room.  She has an album coming out soon (hopefully) – I’ll let you know when it does because you’ll definitely want to get it!

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10 thoughts on “Wait Upon the Lord Wing

  1. I absolutely love the colors. it moves so gracefully too. God has truly given you a awesome ministry.

  2. Wow gorgeous! Simply lovely!

    The second thing that came to mine is all the colors, red for the blood covering you and your steps, black for hiddeness in Jesus by the blood and purple for royalty as Papa’s daughter! Of course only Daddy’s kiddos get the privilege to worship Him from a place of such a beautiful relationship, and you can see the joyful tenderness in your worship. Awww!

  3. Are these the same weight as most of the scarves you make? They look so airy and transparent. This was beautiful and so calming.

  4. @Donelda – They are 5mm which is the same as the 35×84 and 45×108. The other “normal” ones are 8mm weight 🙂

  5. “Elegant” That is what I thought as I watched this video. Excellent presentation Meghan.

  6. That was beautiful and graceful.

  7. Awesome!

  8. #1) I LOVE the new silks in the background!!! 🙂 B-e-a-uitful!!

    #2) Your hair is SO long now!!! Gorgeous-ness 🙂

    #3) This silk looks amazing as a wing, wow! Grace is the word that comes to mind. Grace flowing like a river 🙂

  9. ok… this one is making me weep internally. i feel like i’m nose to nose with the Lord.

  10. B~E~A~U~T~I~F~U~L……. Just Beautiful…

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