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Doohan Sisters in Israel with Voi

This is such a fun story about the Doohan Sisters in Israel. The girls are prophetic dancers and have such a heart to minister. This past summer, the Lord gave them a clear vision of some semicircle voi to take to Israel with them and brought them to Dyed4you to have them created. 

Here’s a fun shot of them practicing before they went!

Here’s the story they shared when they returned:

Thank you again for the awesome voi.

Here is our report back to you on the voi that went to Jerusalem, as they were shown over television and internet to over 600 million viewers!!!! The girls really were natural beauties with the beautiful voi, the producers were pleasantly surprised. Sissey is shown in the photo lower left with voi 🙂

The event was sponsored by Israel Dept of Tourism and GOD TV Europe, and also Kim Clement Ministries. It was attended by Jerusalem Mayor – interviewed on broadcast – and others, viewed by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Here is photo of Bridgette, (and sisters Katie,Kelsey, Sissey) at rehearsals Hollywood Studio with voi:

You can see this short clip show a bit of the voi – shown at end of television event. The 4 girls were stationed on several levels on walls-each on spotlight – the wind had really picked up so they did not attempt a lot of movements but the flowing wind in voi was awesome & a precious ending to an awesome event – it kinda has a long song but does give you idea of the ends of the event with voi shown as very last crescendo! yay! 🙂

The early evening before the even the girls worship on top the Davids Tower for several hours (((maybe not a good idea as they were a bit tired when it came to performance time)))  Voi opening the Heavens:

After the Jerusalem event the 4 girls danced Star Princess and participated in Jewish events on the ship throughout the Mediterranean 12 days, from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur. Everyone on ship loved the voi:

It was amazing and everyone especially loved the voi – people did not want to leave the event!!!! They kept watching the girls waving the beautiful voi !!!!! It was really an emotional moment of hope to Israel & an honor and privilege for the girls to be a part of it all.

Here’s another video, this time with them dancing together (not with the voi) – they’re so precious and their passion just radiates!

View voi / semicircles

13 thoughts on “Doohan Sisters in Israel with Voi

  1. MORE VOI!!! How beautiful!!! YAY GOD! They are going everywhere, Meghan! They are so wonderful to worship with! I love them so much Meghan! They have blessed me!! These ladies are beautiful inside and out!

  2. Wow that is such a amazing story…so beautiful…the color of the voi blue and white the colors of the Israel flag. I <3 Israel and hope to go back again!

  3. Very cool testimony and beautiful videos. Brought tears to my eyes to watch. Excellent and lovely silks Meghan. 🙂

  4. How exciting to see your creations flowing in the winds over Israel. That is goosebump material. 😀

  5. I agree with Donelda!

    Awesome and beautiful!!!!!

  6. all i can say is wow God! and my heart is with these tapping flagging sisters. like, that would have to be a dream come true for me! how that blessed me to see tapping on the wall and flagging on the wall. my all time favorites. my desire since i got born again in ’74!!! unbelievable, my friend.

  7. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! This is SO AWESOME! Completely stirred my heart. Maybe it’s because I have been called to this type of ministry also but just adore watching the love that these girls have for the King of Kings and also the mandate they have upon them as intercessors for the nations through prophetic dance and flagging. Thank you girls for your obedience to the Lord.

  8. Wow!!! I love that they were on the wall!!

    Watchmen Arise!

    Israel, your King continues to call your name..rise up to meet Him!

  9. мAʌNɴYʏ ─ƒῧ└L──Θƒ──└ΘV≡──❤ 。:*・TтНнAʌNɴKκSsՏƧ to ‘DYED4YOU’ for the HOLY་ཻུ€̖̗̍ℵ̖̗̍€̖̗̍̎̄ℜ̍̎Ḡ̖̗̍Ẏུ̖̗̘̍̎̄̅⋰voi…they are like a༴Ḻ̖̍̎̄◎ོཽ̖̍̎ṽ̖̗̍̎̄εཽ̖̍❤ᏩIFT from H* ҉E*A*V*E*N!

    from us゜゚・.。.:*・➸♒➸♒ 4 PROPHETIC ḓ@ηḉ’ers彡
    ⎦˚◡˚⎣ Colleen ⎦˚◡˚⎣ Bridgette
    twins: ⎦˚◡˚⎣ Katie ⎦˚◡˚⎣ Kelsey

    ┬├┤A╱╲╱K Y◯└┘

  10. Hey girls, I was blessed to be there with you on the tour, with the warriors, just discovered your posts, you did a great job of taking me back to Israel, with your photos, when I heard your ‘striking’ because of where I was sitting I could not see you, it literally sounded like drums of WAR. Enjoyed this and will tell others.

  11. Beautiful semicircle voi!They look spectacular and i bet they just flo beautifully. Also what a wonderfull, powerfull anointing on them and on you girls. I just feel like the lord has such a bright future for you girls. You can just see him all over what you are doing. Keep on keeping on and i pray you to continue loveing the lord with all you are. God bless you and God bless Israel!!! 😀

  12. awesome!!!! speechless!!!!! thank you Jesus!!!!

  13. Wow,Meghan! Glad to have stumbled upon this page…how wonderful your silk is even ministering in the Holy Land. Israel is in the palm of the Father’s Hand. Praise the Lord!

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