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More from Mt Shasta

As promised, more of Allissa with her swing flags, and actually there’s more coming too. 😉

Hopefully you heard the story in the previous Mt Shasta post, and saw the video of Allissa and her friend BOTH worshiping with their Dyed4you silks (and if you miss it, you’ll wanna go back and check it out!) – now here’s some stunning pics and a short video of these swing flags. Enjoy!

View swing flags

7 thoughts on “More from Mt Shasta

  1. Yes, what a beautiful way to start of my Saturday!! Just beautiful! The pictures are so stunning!! Love to what Allissa worship!! As I watch these videos’s it reminds me of my talk with my husband. I told him just a few days back, that once it snows around here, I wanted to go out in God’s Beautiful and use my swing flags and my wings 🙂 ……I love to worship with my River of Life wing.

    God Bless you all.

  2. WOW… God is just so AWESOME!!! He just gave me revalation about my “River of Life” wing. O’ how i love Him, how he gives me such peace and rest. When we truely lay everything at his feet, it takes care of it all. I love you Papa, thank you for always being there.

    I thank you for bringing me to this place at this time. I pray for blessing over Allissa and her worship to you. I pray for blessing for the hands that made this beautiful swing flags. We give YOU all the Praise and Glory. In Jesus name, Amen

  3. I just love watching Allissa and her swing flags. It is truly amazing the way she twirls them.

  4. Again so beautiful! The video has a few moments where it looked like a Dyed4you pinwheel!

  5. This is absolutely stunning! Allissa you keep gettin better and better at this, It shows who your teacher is!

  6. are these Dwelling in His Beauty?

  7. @Karen – Yes 🙂

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