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45″ Quills

Introducing a new (and bigger) size of quill flags! Here my hubby is showing you how the larger sized quills work.  See the same pair both in my prayer closet being demoed and in action during church.  These beautiful silks are so easy to use and look amazing!

View quill flags

8 thoughts on “45″ Quills

  1. Quills look like soo much fun! And of course Allen makes it look soo easy! They are pretty!

  2. @Melissa – For real – they ARE easy! 🙂

  3. Really beautiful and so peaceful to watch. Thank you Meghan and Allen.

  4. I agree. Peaceful is the word I was thinking too. Beautiful.

  5. @Meghan, seriously I gave Papa a HUGE hint if there is such a thing as flags for dummies and this is THAT easy then this is up my alley lol

    @Tonia & Donelda, I agree with you girls this is beautiful, peaceful, soft, and has an almost “caress” type flow if that makes sense. Like the silk is caressing the Father’s heart and face in praise in a beautiful tender affection.

  6. What a worshiper! He is anointed. I hope the next silks you send me in that size that I’ll be returning to you are for your hubs!

  7. @Nickol – Lol we don’t really have mine or his, they’re all “ours” 🙂 He LOVES the quills. I thought he would be awesome with swing flags but he’s never really caught the flow with them so they frustrate him. But quills he loves!!!

  8. They look so graceful!

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