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45″ Round Quills

I think a lot of you are going to get excited about this new type of quill flag. For those who have watched Amanda E with a pair of wings and wished you could do that but are WAY too intimidated to try coordinating a total of 18′ of silk… the rounded quills are your answer.

Each of these 45″ Rounded Quills is half of one of the 5mm semicircles you’ve come to love – making them approximately 45×51″ each, which is a very manageable size.  They are light and easy to use and hard to look bad! LOL 🙂

My tired hubby did a demo for you – make sure to watch it until it’s at least 50 seconds in because there you really begin to see how they capture a similar feel to wings. Enjoy!

View quill flags

15 thoughts on “45″ Round Quills

  1. Just beautiful <3 and what a good, tired hubby <2


  3. PS.. that wasn’t supposed to be a “2” It was supposed to make a heart. Rocking a sleeping baby and typing isn’t easy lol

  4. I like these quills! Great video.

  5. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want some!

  6. What is the name of the silk? The light blue in the center makes the appearance of glowing. Beautiful. Thank you guys.

  7. @Donelda – Transformed 🙂 You’ve seen them before!

  8. I ♥ them! they are beautiful!

  9. Thank you tired hubby!
    I LOVE the color in these and the style flows so nice!
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Blue Morpho Butterfly wings 😀 I really like these!

  11. I’m IN LOVE! those are SO cool!!!

  12. really liking these….

  13. I’m amazed that he can swish them back & forth so quickly without them getting tangled up…and the one & only time that the flag did kind of get tangled around his hand, it came undone so easily!

  14. @Jessica – Exactly one of the reasons I LOVE quills! Seriously hard to tangle and when you do pretty easy to untangle 🙂

  15. Watching again, lol! I really like these 🙂

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