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8 yr-old’s Encounter During Worship

You all have heard about the Anointed Feet silk before – when Amanda E danced with her Anointed Feet wing and when Kim was blessed with her scarf. Well this story is about the original Anointed Feet silk 🙂

Sage and her husband ordered silk gifts for their whole family – 18 people in all!  One of her daughters, Faith, received one the Father had told Sage to have called Anointed Feet. Thus this silk was birthed. 

Sage followed my recommendation to get the 35×84 size for the little girls – I have found that little girls LOVE that size and it truly encourages them to worship the Father.

Faith is now 8 years old and has been enjoying her silk for over two years. Her mother (Sage) shares the story about what happened this past weekend during worship at Passion for Truth.

BEAUTIFUL testimony of my daughter and her experience of worship with the Dyed4you scarf we got her ♥

Last Sabbath at Passion For Truth, Faith was worshiping and dancing with her scarf, which I had named, Anointed Feet, since that is the Word YHWH put in my heart when I was pregnant with her. The atmosphere was amazing and there was a man in the back blowing the shofar!

I had to be in the back room with the little ones and didn’t get to watch her, but on the way home she told me, “Mom, when I was worshiping YHWH tonight, I wanted to cry…  That’s never happened to me before.”  She also told me that YHWH spoke to her heart to build and ark which I interpret as Him telling her to prepare for Him.

EVERY adult worship service she’s ever been at outside “children’s church”, she has always either complained that she’s bored or fell asleep! This is the first time she’s ever really expressed herself in worship. I was so thankful! It was her idea to bring her scarf that night!

She woke up from her sleep that night and told me as she “sleep talked” that she wanted her scarf. Praise Yahushua (Jesus) for the ANOINTING of His Spirit (Rauch Ha Kodesh) on these scarves and the ministry of Dyed4you mixed with the beautiful worship and sound of the shofar at Passion For Truth! I hope to be getting some more scarves soon!

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9 thoughts on “8 yr-old’s Encounter During Worship

  1. this is so wonderful!!

  2. Beautiful. Love it when God moves on children’s hearts.

  3. It is so precious when a child of Yah responds to His voice!

  4. Meghan, WOW!! I just realized that it was almost exactly 2 years, the SECOND year after I bought the scarf for Faith when you wrote this. It reminded me about the story in Exodus 40:17…The SECOND year that Moses erected the Tabernacle. After He did all that Adonai directed (annointing the alter, tabernacle, priests, ect) this second year, the Shekanah(Glory) of YHWH covered the Tent of Meeting and His glory filled the Tabernacle!(Ex 40:34) I just thought it was cool that the SECOND year after recieving this annointed scarf, the glory of YHWH fell on Faith in her time of worship! <3 Praise His Name forever. <3

  5. There is no JR. Holy Spirit. If we allow children to participate in real worship they will because of the purity of their worship go deeper and farther than adults can.

  6. Very cool!

  7. Sage, I just felt wind on my back and a rush in my spirit reading the testimony and then your above comment. Whew!!! Glory!!!!

    And Nickol, AMEN!!! My prayer is that childrens ministry leaders will be given a fresh revelation and vision that children are NOT ignorant or too young to learn to have a relationship with Abba and worship Him.

  8. I’ve seen the Dickinson kids worshipping with their scarves at PFT, and it is such a blessing to me. I love seeing this testimony (albeit a few weeks late) and knowing that Faith got blessed just as much as she blessed the rest of us!

  9. Oh! This is cool! Love hearing of children being blessed! When children are blessed, their families are touched too! I can’t wait until it’s time for me to order my daughter something. I saw it last night that she is a worshipper, so now I’m praying for the time and have faith I’ll have the resources to give her a gift that will be perfect for her.

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