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Joshua in Private Worship

Joshua giving us a peek into his personal prayer closet worship time with the Father. He has his pair of Holy Fire swing flags as well a single These 3 Remain swing flag. I love how he is not afraid to just pour out all he has to the One who is worthy to receive ALL praise!

The music is from Rick Pino. Enjoy!

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12 thoughts on “Joshua in Private Worship

  1. love this. seeing a man worship with that much abandon is way cool. I wish it were not so incredibly rare. Go Josh!!

  2. You should see him at church too! I so enjoy watching him worship with flags and without!

    Yes, it is REALLY cool to watch a man worship with abandon!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. wow! thank you for sharing. i told you, meghan, that this was big. the more i see, the more i cry and thank the Lord for sparking and fanning the flame. i will never tire of seeing flags in worship warfare, storming the heavenlies, in an awesome array of colorful banners, expressing our love to God! whew. and seeing men worship in abandon is different from seeing women worship. i love us women worshiping, as i am one of those worship warriors, but men just have this authority that exudes like arrows finding their mark. wow. love you.

  4. Worship Warrior Joshua making a resting place for the Lord’s glory. I saw from the perspective of heaven looking down and there were golden swirls rising from your praise and His glory surround you. The swirling spiraled out from you and your praise, reaching out into your territory. Bless you Joshua and may your praise, worship and adoration of our King continue to grow and expand. Your bring great pleasure to the Father and He smiles with loving kindness on you.

    I really, really enjoyed your worship and you adoration of Him brought tears to my eyes.

  5. WOW!!! He sure has the gift of worship. I so enjoyed watching him. I hope we might get to see more of him in the future.

  6. Joshua – thank you SO much for sharing this with us. It is such a blessing to see a man of God passionately worshiping with flags and dance. It blesses my heart!
    I pray that the LORD guides you and the flag ministry you are involved with at church.

    I had so many great God moments watching this!!

    Blessings to you!

  7. @Tonia – blessings to you as well, reading your comment brought tears to my eyes, thank you!!
    My very first scarf from Dyed4you was Righteous Warrior and the Lord is continuing to grow that in me and it shows in my worship. It is a blessing to hear such wondrous comments!

    @jeanne – not to toot my horn but my flag ministry does have a Youtube page where i am posting videos from our worship!! Which I have several files I need to edit and upload!!

    @Allissa – And Blessings to you as well mighty worshiping Woman of God, who blesses me as well to watch her worship!! The Lord has anointed your worship and it shows and is amazing to watch!!!

    @Meghan – Gods timing is perfect for you to re-find this video and post it on the blog, these comments of praise warm this weary warriors heart and thank you for your faithfulness and the blessing your ministry has been to my ministry!!

  8. Love it!

  9. Thank you Josh. Your video made me want to go worship with my own flags (unfortunately the store was occupied so I had to be satisfied with small contolled swishes in my small office). All that to say this, watching you made me hunger to do the same.
    And Meghan, I think there might be an art piece in what Tonia posted. Could really see that.

  10. Really tender and passionate. Thank you for allowing us a peak into the heart of a worshiping man of God 🙂

  11. wow joshua mighty an strong thank you so much was so blessed let yahweh smile apon you my brother shalom

  12. Man! I just saw this right now, and Ahhhh! I don’t even have any words to describe it…. speechless!

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