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Soaring in His Righteousness Wing/Voi Pair

This pair of 5mm semicircles with wing seams and voi weights was created from a vision the Father gave one of our customers. Their name is Soaring in His Righteousness. The first video is Amanda worshiping with them as wings to Bethel’s Come to Me. The second is me demoing the voi to Bethany’s Chasing After You. 

The customer will be worshiping with these soon – let’s pray the Father’s richest blessing on her as she ministers to Him and to those who will be blessed by it! Enjoy 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Soaring in His Righteousness Wing/Voi Pair

  1. Beautiful! You both make it look so easy and lovely. Thank you for blessing us. 🙂

  2. WOW so amzing beautiful specially when she twirls her body…thanks for sharing

  3. wonderfuly stunning!!

  4. Soaring in His Righteousness. A stunning visual. I am speechless….

  5. Awesome! I am deeply moved by these. May the recipient be deeply blessed as they worship with these!


  6. Firstly, I love the idea of the silks being used and annointed for worship before they are ever sent to the customer. It’s like they’re supercharged before they’re sent! Secondly, you both minister so beautifully with these. I love the idea of converting the silk to be used as either a flag or a voi, what a great idea! Amanda just worships with abandon, which is exciting to see, and Meghan, once you really got into it, right at the end, I think I saw a little smile, which just made my insides smile 🙂 I haven’t seen the voi in action in awhile, so it honestly surprised me all over again and made me realize what a beautiful worship tool it is. Blessings to the recipient of this pair, I pray they continue to make bold prophetic statements and bring worshippers to a deeper state of worship!

  7. I loved these silks and boy did I not have a whole lot of strength at the time to worship. They were VERY anointed and the recipient I’m sure is increasing more in their worship and giftings. It was a privilege to worship with them even once.

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