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How-To Pick YOUR Quill

In case you hadn’t noticed, I am in love with quills!  I still love my swing flags, simple flags and voi too; but quills have become a bit of an addiction. You see of all the flags Dyed4you carries, quills are the easiest to pick up and use if you have never flagged before, but they also are wonderful if you’re very skilled with them. (View a quick comparison of our most popular flags or view other comparison posts)

The quills (the flexible rods that you hold while flagging) are very forgiving!  If you hit something with the flag, it will generally bend and keep going (swing flags are gracious that way too) unlike simple flags and standard wings that both use wooden dowels. That helps cut down on your bloopers 😉

With that intro, let’s start with an overview on quills.

Quill Flags

Next lets talk about quill flags (vs quill wings).  Quill flags come in 5 sizes: mini, 35″ petites (works for youth on up), 35″, 45″, and 45″ rounds.  All of these come in pairs with the exception of the minis which can be ordered as a single or as a pair.

Quill Wings

Quill wings are half circles. They come in two sizes, the full-size quill wings and altered quill wings. Again, if you’re wondering the difference between the 45″ Round and the Quill Wings check out this explanation.

  • The full-size quill wings are created from our 5mm semicircles. They are nearly 104″ from tip to tip. They are stunning in motion and big. The quills run about halfway down the side and are approximately 48″ long – here’s a video of me with a pair of them. These can be ordered either singly or in pairs.
  • The altered quill wings are created from our 5mm semicircles, but we alter them by removing about 18″ from the middle (to preserve the beautiful round structure). Since we put the seam in pre-dyeing with silk thread, it dyes to a perfect match. You don’t notice it’s there unless you hold it and look for it. They are approximately 85″ from tip to tip with a 36″ quill running nearly halfway down the side. They are beautiful in motion – these have become one of my absolute favorites! Here’s a video of me with one.

Hopefully that helps you figure out which quill is right for you. Just so you know I am 5’4″ tall so it let’s you know that almost any adult can use any of the sizes with relative ease. Let me know if you have any question!

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4 thoughts on “How-To Pick YOUR Quill

  1. Thanks Meghan! This really helps! Hopefully I will get to place an order soon! 🙂

  2. Great videos and information on the differences. Until I read and watched this, I didn’t fully understand, but now I do! 🙂

  3. great instruction and explanations!

  4. I agree with everyone, great insturctions. 🙂

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