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Marriage Ministry

Here I’m ministering with a pair of swing flags called Guarding the Covenant. Those who know my personal marriage testimony know this is a topic I am passionate about!  And when someone asked me if I would consider creating a marriage ministry video at the exact moment I had just finished these marriage swing flags and needed to demo them… well I felt Father’s hand at work.

So this is for the couple receiving the swing flags as well as all those who need to receive this ministry – whether you simply need a shift in your marriage or if you’re standing in faith for a spouse who isn’t walking with the Father – this is for you.

I ask that you all pray over all the couples touched by this. I’m believing for things to shift in the atmosphere around those who are receiving both this flag ministry and subsequent prayer. Thank you for standing in faith with me for our brothers and sisters in Messiah!

The music is While I’m Waiting from John Waller.

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8 thoughts on “Marriage Ministry

  1. I love your ministry, Meghan!
    I just read your marriage testimony…I had never read it before, and it moved me to tears! Thank you so much for sharing that part of your life! It encourages me, a lot. And it reminds me of how I have been blessed. Thank you, friend. <3

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! From the moment I pressed play, I was weeping. From the moment you started swinging the flags gently, I heard Papa say, “Everything is going to be ok.” As you started movement with the two flags together, I felt a breaker anointing. That every negative assignment sent out to destroy my marriage has been broken in Jesus’ name. All negativity, all strive, all harsh words….BROKEN. I felt the presence of the Lord surround me at my computer, I felt His arms around me. It has been such a struggle my last 5 years of marriage……I feel a shift….change is coming….RESTORATION!!! A deeper intimacy with the Father and with each other.UNITY!!!!! To bring glory to God. Thank you, thank you for your prayer. I receive by faith all that was declared. Bless you, my friend. xo

  3. Amen and amen! I stand in agreement with Meghan! Abaa bless each marriage touched by this!

    Blessings & Shalom!!!

  4. Beautiful and you brought tears to my eyes. This is very powerful and I am in agreement with you and all who watch!

  5. Standing in faith for my husband and standing in agreement with all those praying thru being un equaly yoked. Thank you again Meghan. Loving your ministry and your obediance….

  6. Wow Meghan I thank you so much for your ministry. I have been so blessed by it. I also stand in agreement for all marriages around the world as well as my own. I read your testimony and my marriage also started off on the wrong foot. My husband and I also took what was holy and only meant for marriage before its time and I got pregnant. We had already planned on getting married beforehand, because we knew the lord had brought us together. We just didn’t plan on falling into temptation. But you know threw our fall the lord gave us the biggest most amazing blessing we ever could have asked for. Our son Alvin. He is now four months old and the sweetest most precious thing in the world. I know were still just newlyweds but we have had to go through healing and had to get ourselves right with the lord again. It has been beautiful watching the lord restore our marriage to what it’s supposed to be. And there are still things we are working on. What the lord has done in your marriage has given me so much hope for the future of mine. Bless you. And the way the lord has walked you threw it and the strength he has given you to fight for your husband is just amazing. Thank you lord that all things are possible in you! I’m so happy that you held on to gods promise even when things seemed like things were getting worse. Because not only did the lord fulfill that promise and save your husband. But you get to bless people like me with the hard earned wisdom you have acquired through your experence.Much love and blessings from your sister in Christ

  7. Almost a month later, and I had the same response as I previously posted. Beautiful is still the word. Thank you again Meghan.

  8. beautiful! Holy Spirit has been talking a lot to me lately about covenant. we don’t have a clue to the depth, height, and breath of His covenant with us!!!! love you sweet Meghan

    blessings, Mama Pat

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