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Young Ladies with 35″ Petite Quill Flags

Both these videos are young ladies (about 9 and 11) worshiping with a 35″ Petite Quill Flags called Joyful Praise (Yes I bring these flags every week that’s why they’ve showed up before). I’ve found that 5 year olds on up like this size and they are precious as can be worshiping with them! I know you’ll be blessed by both of these 🙂

Both these videos were taken at my home church Passion for Truth, you’ve seen videos before from there and undoubtedly will see more in the future 😉

This precious 11 yr old was worshiping her little heart out! She’s using one quill flag.

In this video, another young lady is using the pair of the same quill flags, again – the 35″ petite size. And you can see the 45″ quills my hubby was using moving in and out as well 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Young Ladies with 35″ Petite Quill Flags

  1. Precious! The flags add such a beautiful dimension to worship.

  2. Meghan,

    Thank you so much for sharing. Such a blessing to watching the younger generation in worship. I ♥ to watch them worship!

  3. Watching this fillls my heart with a longing – like a woman waiting for her soldier to return! So beautiful!

  4. What a couple of tremendous blessings! This is SO touching and SO beautiful, to see these children worshipping on their own like this. Thank you for sharing, Meghan!!!

  5. This is the most precious thing ever! It’s so awesome seeing kids worshiping the lord and enjoying soaking in his presence. And they’re really good! They will be just spectacular to see as they get older. It’s really a joy to see the lord moving in children, it just blesses my heart. Many many blessings on these young ladies! I pray they lead many children to the lord by their loving worshipful hearts.

  6. wow!! the annointing is so thick on these two. there is such grace, passion and yet there is also a serenity and naturalness about their worship. I can see every cell of them is turned to and attuned to their Father. Crying, so beautiful………………..

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