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Come to Me XLR Quills

The XLR (45″ round) quill flags are so beautiful and wing-like and very easy to use and light in weight. This pair my sister is using is called Come to Me. Even young children do pretty well negotiating these big flags! Ever notice kids ALWAYS seem to want flags that are waaaaaaay too big for them? LOL!

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8 thoughts on “Come to Me XLR Quills

  1. Currently my favorite!

  2. Loved these silks! Little ones do want flags that are way too big for them… these are my guidelines.
    The pole must not be taller than them unless that is your child in your home, not at church!

    They must be able to carry, wave and dance without stepping on the fabric.

    They should be able to see the end/tip of the flag pole most of the time they are using it or they are dangerous.

    Ideally a pair of flags with the pole shorter than the length of one arm wrist to shoulder, or a quill only slightly longer. Or a single Quill that is longer than their arm but most definitely shorter than both.

    Observationally these are the guidelines that work for keeping children from accidentally striking one another. Swordplay isn’t allowed, and parents should be responsible for their own little worshipers unless there is a designated person who has charge over the little flaggers.

  3. Beautiful! Flags, sister, and music. Thanks for sharing.

  4. ohhh yes – i do love these so! Leslie seems very free with these 🙂

  5. Oh sister. This was the most beautiful thing I have seen and it was posted on my birthday. The lord knew I was having a hard time turning 30 lol. This just made that feeling go away. May god continue to bless you and you bless others. I love you god bless

  6. Love these!! So beautiful!!

  7. Gorgeous!

    And yes, they do want to use flags that are just too BIG for them! 🙂

  8. This is lovely!!

    Where is this song from?

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