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Healing Flow 45″ Quills

This is my sister ministering with a pair of 45″ quill flags called Healing Flow. These quills are actually hers 🙂

Be blessed as she comes into agreement with healing for all He touches…

If you’d like to see Healing Flow ministry with swing flags, you can find it here.

View quill flags

5 thoughts on “Healing Flow 45″ Quills

  1. This was so beautifully peaceful to watch. These flags are just lovely to watch. <3

  2. Beautiful! So relaxing and so peaceful to watch, listen and praise the Lord.

    After watching several videos, each with a different person worshiping, I find it so interesting that each one worships so differently with the flags. Yet, each is so beautiful, unique and enjoyable, and all with different impartations.

  3. I agree with Tonia!

    This is a wonderful video

  4. Beautiful. very Annointed. It’s evident that the power of God flows through these instruments. 😀

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